Monday, March 31, 2008

Beautiful Brynn's Blueberry Lemon Bars...

I knew you would all want this recipe. And, I asked Brynn if I could post it here and she sent it to me today! Hooray! If you make this recipe.. you will love me forever.. and Brynn too since she doctored this recipe up so that it's super yum! I only wish I had a photo for you beacause they are elegant. Brynn made these for my sister's bridal shower that has been so talked over lately. :)

Crust:2 cups all-purpose flour1/2 cup sugar1 tbsp lemon zest (I doubled this and used 2 tbsp for a more lemony flavor)
3/4 cup butter, chilled and cut into chunks
Filling:1 1/2 cups sugar1/3 cup fresh lemon juice1/4 cup all-purpose flour1/4 tsp salt
4 large eggs1 tbsp lemon zest(I doubled this and used 2 tbsp for a more lemony flavor)1/2 tsp baking powder
1 1/2 cups blueberries, fresh and rinsed or frozen
1 ½ baking bars of the Ghirardelli White Chocolate

Preheat oven to 350F. To make the crust, combine flour, sugar and lemon zest in the bowl of a food processor (or a large mixing bowl, if you prefer to work by hand). Pulse in butter (or rub in with fingertips) until butter is well distributed and the mixture resembles moist sand. Pour into a 9×13-inch (make sure you spray the pan with Pam or some other non-sticking agent) baking dish and spread evenly. Press down to create a firm, even layer.Bake for 20 minutes or until edges are lightly browned.
While crust is cooking, prepare the filling. Combine all filling ingredients (add blueberries last) in a large bowl and stir together until smooth When crust is done, pour filling into hot pan and return to oven.Bake for about 17-20 minutes, until filling is set. Edges may be lightly browned, depending on the pan.
Cool completely on a wire rack before slicing. Use a slightly damp knife to cut through the bars. Once you have cut them into squares, dust them lightly with powdered sugar. Take 1 and ½ baking bars of the Ghirardelli White Chocolate baking bars and melt the chocolate according to the instructions on the package. (I melted it in the microwave, stirring frequently and that works fine) Once chocolate is melted dip a fork into the chocolate and spread the chocolate in thin lines across each bar. In other words, the chocolate is not to be used like frosting just as a pretty garnish across the bar. You don't have to cut them up into individual squares if you don't want to but I think they look prettier if you dress each one with chocolate individually because then you can also cover the sides with white chocolate as well.


I love to read history. I love to read the stories of the lives of great men and women, the founders of our nation, the reformers, the people who've made a difference. In my reading I have found that most of these people had something interesting in common... They loved books. Abraham Lincoln dreamed of having a library of his own. The first money he earned, he spent to buy a copy of Aesop's Fables and his library continued to grow throughout the rest of his life.
Books have a spirit in them. Great literature brings a spirit of greatness in to a home and gives it grace and dignity.
I practice what I preach here. I have books piled all over the floor. They are only my favorites. I am trying not to keep those that aren't my favorites. I just tell people that I decorate in late, early and modern books. My books are my friends. I love them. I often make a return visit to a great book. I don't always read it again cover to cover, but I re-read favorite passages.
I hope my daughter will be a reader. I hope that she will find wisdom and comfort in great books. I hope that she will value books above almost every material possession.
I love this quote by Winston Churchill
"If you cannot read all your books, at any rate.. peer into them, let them fall open where they will, read from the first sentence that arrests the eye, set them back on the shelves with your own hands, arrange them on your own plan so that you at least know where they are. Let them be your friends; let them be your acquaintances."
and this one by James A. Michener
"A nation becomes what its young people read in their youth."

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Carolyn Roehm..

Carolyn Roehm's pretty favor boxes. She makes the quilted ones we used for our party as well. See them here.. on her site.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Flowers & Favors..

Alicia's shower was so fun I'll show you ... these turned into
... these..
My mom made these.. chocolates in lovely Carolyn Roehm paper quilted boxes.
My sister to a photo of an arrangment like this to our local flourist and he made this lovely spring arrangement for our party.
We all brought flowers and put them everywhere. I didn't take too many photos though. I should have taken photos of our cookie table. My sister-in-law Brynn has promised that she will share her marvelous lemon bar recipe.. with lovely white chocolate.. We had Marta's Spinach Quiche
10 oz. pkg. Frozen Spinach (let thaw in fridge for a day)
5 Eggs, beaten well
8 oz. carton small curd Cottage Cheese
2 cups grated combination Cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheeses
1/8 cup dried or chopped Onion
1/8 tsp. Salt
1/8 tsp. freshly ground Black Pepper
9 inch deep dish unbaked pie shell (in the frozen foods aisle)
Preheat oven to 375°. Drain thawed spinach in colander, pressing with paper towels to remove all liquid. In large bowl of mixer, combine eggs, cottage cheese, spinach, 2 cups grated cheese, onion, salt, and pepper. Beat to blend and pour into unbaked pie shell. (At this point, quiche can be refrigerated overnight.) Bake 50-60 minutes. Let sit 5-10 minutes before cutting. Cut into wedges and serve warm.Yield: 6-8 servings.
Thank you Marta! I've used this recipe about 4 times already. :)
We had a really lovely time. So many of our favorite ladies came. c and her cousin were so wonderful to help greeting the guests and they looked so cute in their spring colors.
My sister Christine's home looked so pretty and she had her new yellow room finished just in time.. Why, why did I not take more pictures. Well.. it was so fun. Thank you everyone for coming! We had a wonderful time!

Friday, March 28, 2008

SLC Restaurants...

I get in a restaurant rut sometimes. I asked my very organized friend Jenneece for a list of a few new places to try. Some of these places are old favorites, but most of them I haven't yet tried. Since many of you live in the greater SLC area.. or show up here occasionally... I thought I would share. Bon Appetit!

Cannellas-Italian, Best known for their lunch salad with sausage-never been yet
Tiberon-Located in Sandy area, American food, never been yet, comes highly recommended
Tuscany-Italian/American food, pricey but great atmosphere especially in the summer
Epic-sister restaurant of Tiberon, located in Holiday area, really good food
Al Fornos-Italian, great brochette, moderately priced
Faustina's-Italian, good food, priced well
Luganos-Italian, everyone that has gone here said it is great
Lemon Grass-Thai/Asian, heard great things about it for dinner
Tin Angel-
Caf├ę Trio-Lunch, heard great things about it for lunch
Stoneground-Italian, good food, very relaxed atmosphere and good prices
Tres Hombres

To this list.. I'll add a few of my tried and true favorites..

The Dodo
Hires Big H
Market Street Grill
The Garden
The Lion House Cafe
The Red Iguana
The Rio Grand Cafe
The Avenues Bakery
Les Madeleines - just treats
Ruth's Diner
Mrs. Backer's Pasty Shop
Bakers De Normandie
Z Tejas

What are your favorites?

Beans, Beans the musical fruit..

We love beans at our house. But, we don't love sore tummys or toots. Did you know that if you add 1 tsp. of mustard powder to these beans when you are heating them up (even in the microwave) that you'll have happy toot-free kiddos. It also works well in egg dishes.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Forsythia and Snow in the Morning Light...

Sometimes I don't mind insomnia. Do you sleep well? I often don't. I'm a bundle of crazy that we won't discuss here. I guess some people can work stuff out in their dreams, but I have to paint to work things out.
At 3A.M., I left my bed to paint.. and I made something, which I'll show you later.
I listened to the BBC reporting from and about Basra. Tragic. Some of those people are innocents who have been through so much already.
The situation in the world made me think about ways that my family can conserve, be more self-sufficient and less wasteful. I think we need to be.
I thought a lot about what kind of parent I am. I meant to be a perfect mother by now, but I still haven't got that down. I need to work on some things. I wonder if I'm teaching my daughter the right things, the things she needs to know. Are we are too busy? I want my daughters to grow up to be an accomplished and confident young lady, but am I pushing her to do too much? Am I really listening to her? Does she have my full attention? Is she happy? Does she know how dearly she is loved?
Sometimes I have to think these things out in the night.
I think that I will go about my day now.. and continue pondering some of these things while I finish up some big projects today.. but I will leave you with this... I think it's beautiful.
"Nothing that is worth doing can be achieved in our lifetime; therefore we must be saved by hope. Nothing which is true or beautiful or good makes complete sense in any immediate context of history; therefore we must be saved by faith; Nothing we do however virtuous, can be accomplished alone; therefore, we must be saved by love."
Reinhold Niebuhr

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Love and Pink Bunnies...

There is a pink bunny in:
now... whew.. I'm still not finished with the baby bunnies.. but I'm getting close.. maybe tomorrow.
When you get to know me better.. you know that I love a little sarcasm.. Can't help it. I was raised in a family that all had secret dreams of a starring role on the McLaughlin Group
and being witty and funny with a bit of a bite.. has been a quality to be admired.
I am trying to get away from that a bit and not to be cutting.. but I still find stuff like this hilarious!
When asked, "Do you think all any of us really want, deep down, is to be loved?"
Garrison Keillor responded:
"No, we want to be rich, to be admired, to eat like a horse and be skinny as a snake. To have small children ask for our autographs, to be on terrific medications that make us calm and witty and sexy. To sing Irving Berlin and Gershwin and Porter at the Oak Room and be described in the Times as 'luminous.' But in the absence of all that, it's enough to be loved."
That nails it right? Who doesn't want to be luminous?

500 Cupcakes...

I got this fun book from my friend Jenneece for Christmas. It's so fun to look through! The other day I found a recipe that I am going to make soon.. maybe tonight if I can find the basil pesto.
Step one... Make any cornbread muffin.
Step 2... Make some frosting by combining 1/2 C basil pesto
& 1 1/2 C cream cheese softened
Step 3... Top with a cherry tomato
Very fun!
... and after that.. there are 499 more to try...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brown Rice...

If it's true that you are what you eat.. then I am made out of Diet Coke and Candy and maybe some Salsa (that's the healthy part).. yep. Not so good. But, I have a few favorite healthy things and this is one that I love! And, HOORAY! Costco is now carrying this absolutely awesome rice in bulk so that I can have it in my storage. I really believe that you've got to put stuff you like in your storage and pantry.. or it never gets used.

I've made a couple of mistakes that way, which if you do.. you can make a complete save by donating the stuff you don't love to your local food bank. Maybe it's someone's favorite? You never know.

I told C that this was a major shopping triumph. He didn't really smile as big as I'd hoped or give me a medal or anything so I told him he wasn't excited enough about it.. He said in true Eeyore fashion, "I'm excited on the inside." Hmmm. :)

The Scarlet and the Black...

We watched this movie over the weekend. For some reason C and I had all Nazi movies lined up in the que for Easter weekend. Nice.

Anyway, even though this was a made for TV movie.. it has some incredible performances by Gregory Peck and Christopher Plummer... simply amazing.

"The character of General Max Helm was based entirely on the real life of SS-Obergruppenf├╝hrer Karl Wolff, who served in 1944 as the Supreme SS and Police Leader of Italy. The film was unable to use Wolff's real name, since the SS General was still living in 1981; he died in 1984." Wikipedia

Don't miss this one if you haven't seen it.. or revist it if it's been a few years.

Easter Goop...

I can't help myself. And, I can't take it down until May... then, I'll have to think of some other goopy stuff to put up.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

And.. One more cute on Etsy...

Postcards are one of my favorite things. I adore them. Who doesn't like to get a postcard. I have wanted to have one made for about 2 years. Finally, finally I was able to find a printer who could make what I wanted. So, here they are!
They are in
already in packs of 5 and 10...
Whew.... :)
Circe is the winner!!!

More Fun Etsy Things...

The Rosehip Shop opened to fanfare yesterday. Congratulations to Beata who makes these lovely dolls! This one is mine. If you hurry over.. there are a few left.

Also, Jordan is back in business this morning. The Flood Street Shop has that wonderful red twine and big, big red balloons.

These are few of my favorite things!!

I have been looking for cute pot holders...

Why didn't I check Etsy first?

I purchased these yesterday from this Etsy shop. There were so many cute sets, I had a difficult time choosing.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Did you guys want to see the new baby bunnies?

You did! Oh good.. here they are... :)
The top one is in
but I can make some of the ones with the plain sides available if you need them.. :)


Look what I found on my walk yesterday! Lovely. There were bunches of these everywhere.
It was another crazy day yesterday. I hope that today will be much more calm.
I have about 40 boxes that need to be painted post haste.. and my house looks like a hurricane had a party in here. c's school report is finally finished! Hooray! I hope it goes well for her today.

Google Reader...

I have been using Google reader lately. Wow. What a time saver. If you are trying to keep up with a number of blogs. Google reader lets me know when one of you has posted something new and then I can stop by for a visit. I've loved it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bouquet of Daisies...

This is my favorite bouquet to make.. I make it all the time. It costs $4.. $5 if you include the little tin bucket which are available tons of places. I am taking this bouquet to a friend of mine who has just accomplished a major accomplishment! Hooray! Long story.. but anyway she deserves some flowers!
Daisies are my favorite.. Well OK.. it's difficult to choose a favorite flower because I like most of them quite a lot.. but daisies are definitely one of my favorites. And, these daisies with the green centers are my favorite daisies.. I don't know why I always paint them with yellow centers. Hmm.
Daisies are the happiest flower to me. In the language of flowers, they mean innocence and they are common flower and so they kind of remind me of childhood... a playful and innocent happiness. Lovely.
Chaucer called the daisy the "eye of the day". Daisies are perennials and sometimes they volunteer for beauty duty. My brother-in-law once told me that a weed is actually defined as anything that is not planted intentionally. I don't feel that way. I think volunteers are often a miracle of nature.
My favorite tree in our whole neighborhood was planted by heaven. It's lovely in the summer with green leaves and in the autumn when the leaves tumble down. It's beautiful covered with snow and looks magical when frost and fog crystals freeze to it. It is such an amazing shape that even right now "mud time" according to Robert Frost the branches reaching for the sun make me hear the sounds of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring in my head. I know the more violent parts of that ballet are supposed to be something about pagan Russia and oppression and all that.. but when I listen to it... it sounds like the violence of a winter storm.. It sounds like ice and wind and then it sounds like the joy of flowers and blooming and little grass shoots coming through the dirt.
I suppose daisies are common because we see them all the time, but they are a miracle to me. My mom likes to say that beauty has its own value. It truly does. It's hopeful. It has the spark of faith in it.
Flower in the crannied wall,
I pluck you out of the crannies,
I hold you here, root and all, in my hand,
Little flower-- but if I could understand
What you are, root and all, all in all,
I should know what God and man is.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Frilly Pink Dress...

Nammy says this may be the last frilly dress she'll get the girls to wear. They are growing up and getting too sophisticated for all these ruffles. I hope not, but I fear she may be right.
I love to see my sweet c twirling and twirling. I better take lots of snaps of the three cute cousins. They are all three going to be flowers girls at my sister Alicia's wedding. They are sooo excited.
"Well," said Pooh, "what I like best," and then he had to stop and think. Because although eating honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn't know what it was called.
~A.A. Milne

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Do you know what I'm dreaming of doing???

Not a dang thing. Not in the long run of course. In the long run I dream of doing a whole slew of things, a bunch of things, tons of new things... but today... I would love to do
NOTHING.. just for a little while. I have been running all day, which why I'm posting this while I wait for the whites to go in the dryer so that we will have clothes tomorrow. Funny, they frown on nudity at our church. You'd think they'd just be glad you showed up, but no. You must show up in clothes. It's a lot of pressure some days. Today being one of those days.
And tomorrow, the Holy Sabbath, is a day of rest. HA!!! I know some of you just nearly peed your pants laughing at that one.. right? right! C always says, "the Sabbath day is a day of rest. You labor six days and on the Sabbath you do all the rest." Get it! Funny huh? I attended a bridal shower this afternoon and listened as some of the ladies told about their day coming up. It was frightening. This is what our day of rest will amount to: Tomorrow we have 3 hours of church, interviews with the bishopric, choir practice, choir performance, taking my brother Josh for his Sunday drive (he needs a break more than anyone) and a stake leadership training meeting.
Sundays are normally as long as a full work day, but some Sundays are a marathon. Even though Saturday is a special day.. the day you get ready for Sunday (feel free to sing a long if ya know the words).. Saturday wasn't special enough.. we never made it to the store. Good thing there's tuna in the food storage or we could starve. We still might though, because unless we get up extra early we might not have time to eat it.
Did I mention that c has a major report due at school and we thought we had two more weeks to do it? c is an A student. She's not going to sleep tonight. She's going to freak out instead which will make the whole doing a fantastic report in 2 days so much more pleasant. Freaking out in the place of sleeping in c's and my favorite nightime pass time.
Back to the laundry... I just noticed that I wouldn't have to go in the buff to church. My jammies are clean. Good night people.. and good luck tomorrow.
*** Author's note: I hope you're laughing. I have to be a bit sarcastic sometimes. Don't mis-interpret this. I love my life and I am a mostly happy person.. It just feels good to belly ache a little sometimes. In addition to the above. The garage broke while I was on my way to pick up my brother. He's very mentally handicapped. I don't think he was happy I was late. He wet in my car on the way to his babysitters. Happily I was mostly prepared for that with a towel and garbage bag.. so I won't have to spend $60 getting the car detailed this week. Hooray. I was late for my stake meeting, but they were very kind about it.. and you know the sun is shining.. and The Easter Hymn Sing was simply sublime and so it's been a good Sabbath after all. Now Monday! Smile people!!! :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Fun Stuff...

It isn't even my birthday or anything, but I got these fun gifts from friends across the way this week. Thanks Jess for all this cute stuff from Iowa. I maybe need to go shopping over in Iowa.. they have my kinda stuff. I love these tatted pillowcases and the most darling tiny lemonade picture ever... Jess is my friend from when I lived in the city. One time we had a party and we made so many Mexican paper flowers it almost filled my apartment. It was sooo fun!
Then, my friend Lilli sent me all this great stuff. Lilli is one of the fun friends that I met through the blogs. It's been great to meet people who like the same creative things! She even sent c something too and c is more than thrilled! We love mail of any kind (well, not bills), but the kind that has presents is awfully great! We can't wait to see what we can make with these cutie buttons. My guess is that Lilli crocheted the tiny pink doilie herself. I love it! Thank you! Thank you ! Lilli!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kalanchoe and a few thoughts...

I like Kalanchoe. It is bothersome to me that when I visit a garden that is supposedly desert (really meaning that most of the plants are low water and they are going to use a lot of wood chips and rocks in the place of plants) that there is so little color. Often just a bunch of tumbleweed type things. As a westerner, I crave color. There are times of the year around here where we look at dry brown fields and dry brown mountains for months. Kalanchoe is a low water succulent however, but it has a lot of color. Actually it comes in 2 of my favorite pinks and a gorgeous yellow and a few other colors. It makes a great houseplant because it doesn't require tons of care. I soak them good twice a week and let them drain before putting them back in their pots. They last a long time.
I'm allergic to animals... and I don't like to clean up poo, so flowers are my thing instead. I used to not like to have them around because you get those little fruit fly bugs, but if you just put a few drops of liquid dish soap in a spray bottle and fill the remainder with water ... you will have the perfect bug spray and it really works. I even spray around my front door to keep the box elder bugs and midges down to a minimum. I don't know what to do about the froggys in the window well however.
I feel like life is passing at lightening speed right now. In all of the things that must be done, I am desperate to accomplish goals. I guess that one of those things is to live with flowers and lots of color. I also want to spend tons of time with c and C and my family. And, I want to paint tons of boxes. I want to learn to be a good friend.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross was an interesting person. She was a psychiatrist who moved to the United States in 1958 and became a champion of the terminally ill. She wrote the landmark book, On Death and Dying. She taught people about the 5 stages of grief and how to care for people at the end of their lives. I have not read her book. I'd like to sometime, but she is a person who is often quoted and I run across her quotes frequently. She has amazing perspective as those who care for the dying often do. She said all of these things:
People are like stained - glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.
We need to teach the next generation of children from day one that they are responsible for their lives. Mankind's greatest gift, also its greatest curse, is that we have free choice. We can make our choices built from love or from fear.
Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from.
It's only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth - and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up, we will then begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had.

A few years ago I read one of those books that stays with you. It was written by the mother of 12 children. As you can imagine, she was a very busy lady. One day she told her daughter that she would like to be an author someday but did not know how to do it time wise. Her daughter made the suggestion that she write a few words everyday and eventually it would become a book. I think that it has actually become 5 books or maybe more. Two of them are fantastic: Things I Wish I'd Known Sooner: Personal Discoveries of a Mother of Twelve & Celebration!: Ten Principles of More Joyous Living. The author is Jaroldeen Asplund Edwards. (I think they are out of print, but Amazon may have some used copies). They are two of my favorite books. The writing is incredibly beautiful.
I spend hours on most days working to make my dreams come true.. not minutes, but the time still seems short. However, I am inspired by Jaroldeen and hopeful that even though things take more time than we'd like ... every moment that we spend working toward our dreams and even the moments that just give us more experience are moments that bring us closer to the things we really want.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The reason I haven't been around lately...

This was our Relief Society birthday dinner. I almost hate to show the photos because they don't take very well in the gym. The thing about gyms is they are mostly brown with fluorescent lighting and they swallow color right up. But, I think if you were actually there, it felt bright and Springy.
We did give the ladies a nice meal. These little white plates were just for chips and salsa when they first came in.
The long table at the end was so that each of the ladies could bring one thing from home that represented something about themselves. It was fun to see all the things people brought.
We had nine tables and about 63 ladies came, which was really fun because it isn't a good party unless all the friends are there. We had some pretty background music, but we didn't do anything but eat and visit which was so fun.
We had a nice dinner. We had those Chicken Enchiladas (the ones I always mention). You're laughing. I can hear it! It is pathetic that I only know about 5 recipes and that's the best one I have so that's why we used it. Then we had instead of a salad, a big pile of fresh veggies on each plate with broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas and celery. And just so you don't think we were going healthy on that... we had Lone Star Steak House Ranch Dressing, which is the best.
It takes so many people to put something like this together. I got counting up how many people had helped last night and I got to about 25 but there may be more. I have lots of notes to write today, which is just fine because I am feeling quite thankful.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Gold Paint...

This has been a crazy busy day and it's not over yet, but I had to show you this daisy egg, which is out the door in the morning. I like this shade of blue.

This purple one was listed in the shop. I am enjoying playing with the gold paint. Who needs the real stuff? In just the right light.. it's just so glimmery.

Faith is a Flower...

I love Joan Walsh Anglund books and this one is a favorite... perfect for Easter.
In the evening twilight, stand out under the stars and let your thoughts rise to God, in silent gratitude for all He has bestowed upon you.
Joan Walsh Anglund

The Indian in the Cupboard Series...

These books are so much fun! One of my favorite memories of c's childhood is going to be the time C was out of town on business and we had a late night... a really late night. We stayed up until 2 A.M. listening to books 3 and 4 in this series and painting in my studio. Book 4 is my favorite, but just doesn't wrap everything up, so it was nice to finally read the last book where Omri's father goes back in time to visit Omri's indian friend Little Bull.
The author herself reads the books and she does a fantastic job. They are all available unabridged (very important.. I hate to miss part of the story!) and on tape.
I was confused by the order of the series, but I think I have it correct for you here...
1. The Indian in the Cupboard
2. The Return of the Indian
3. The Secret of the Indian
4. The Mystery of the Cupboard
5. The Key to the Indian
I really think these books would appeal to any child who can sit still long enough to listen to a chapter all the way up to as old as you can get.
**P.S. Sorry for not being a regular poster lately or commenter... I'm kinda swamped, but back to normal by Wednesday I hope. :)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Easter Spin Tops...

Today was a pretty good day. A good day being one where nothing major goes wrong and a few things go very right. I like to get a few things done. And, I like to learn something.

I made these spin tops today and they will be in


I learned a few things.

I took a nice walk in the sun, which always makes for a happier day.

I like to go for spring walks and see that things are sending out shoots and greening and budding.

I have purple crocus in my garden.

I made a new recipe! (This is major.. I'm not a cook so you should clap at this point).

I made Marta's recipe here. It is sooooo good and such a great recipe (pretty easy). My family asked for seconds (this never happens with c). And then my mom and sister came over and they ate the rest. I was so pleased that I actually had something decent to feed them. Hooray!

Colonial Products...

I love Eucerin cream because it saved my poor face in high school and college. I used to have to slather in on because my skin is so dry that even my poor face would crack. But it's not fun to go to bed each night with greasy white mask on your face. So, I like these creams even better.
They are made by the same company in California and I buy them through Amazon. The Colonial Dames is thicker, but soaks in better although it has kind of a funny smell. The colonial naturals smells better, like primroses, but is a bit thinner and more oily.
My skin isn't perfect, but it feels much better.