Friday, January 25, 2008

A New Little Valentine...

I was pretty happy with how this turned out, which is good because it took me the better part of yesterday to figure it out. By lunch, I had nearly gone mad. But, now things are good and happy again and this little box is in

7 Things About Me...

Miss Felicity @ All Things Bright & Beautiful (and if you haven't been over to visit her gorgeous blog, you are missing out. Don't miss it!)
...anyway, Felicity has tagged me but I don't know if I can think up anything that most of you don't know already.

1. I adore flowers so much that they are part of the budget and I always have a few around.

2. I love living in Utah & I love snowy winters like this one has been. C snapped this photo right out the window the other day. When the sun comes out, it looks like a bazillion sparkly diamonds.

3. I sometimes eat paint, not on purpose. Tip: if you are going to hold a paint brush in your teeth.. make sure it doesn't have paint all over it first. (Paint does not taste good).

4. After all the years we've been married, I'm still madly in love with C... more than ever actually... even though it makes me feel shy to say it.

5. Little c is my very favorite artist & best girlfriend.

6. I like to go on vacation to big cities. NYC, San Francisco and Vancouver Canada are my favorites so far.

7. I love to read. I decorate in books. I read a book on tape while I work during the day and I have a couple by my bedside that I read at night. It's fun to have 2-3 going at the same time.

I don't know who has played already, so if you want to play.. consider yourself tagged and let me know, because I want to visit you and read your 7 things. Have a Happy Day!