Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fancy Nancy... by Jane O'Connor & Robin Preiss Glasser

My mom got this book somewhere. I love it. It reminds me a certain girl whose name begins with S.....

See it here.

His Girl Friday...

Over on Shelese's blog, there has been some talk about Cary Grant movies. My favorite! I have collected quite a few. This is one that did not get a mention and I really love. Whoever wrote this movie wrote 5 hours of dialogue that is delivered in 2. Don't watch this drowsy, you'll miss it. I really think this movie has some of the best dialogue (funny) written. I love sharp female leads like the ones that Rosalind Russell plays here. Then WW11 happened and after the boys came home, the movie people thought Rosie the Riveter should act like the dumb girl poor Doris Day had to play in so many of her films.
I need to watch this movie again sometime this week. Last time I watched it, I thought that if they simply added new wardrobe, Rosalind's hat are really over the top, they could release this movie in theaters as is and it would be a hit. I'll have to watch it again and see.