Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Wooden Wagon...

In all the craziness surrounding lead paint in toys and toy recalls of every kind, I appreciate the values of companies like The Wooden Wagon. These toys are made to be heirlooms and at a very reasonable cost. The dyes used are often vegetable dyes.
Little c began collecting these little hand-carved Ostheimer Dogs this year. She has the two shown (and she's getting the St. Bernards for Christmas... shhhh don't tell). I was thinking of getting this little angel for myself (Merry Christmas to me...) It looks like a little angel that I love.

Hyper Dash...

I really like the idea of this game for kids. It's a get up off the couch sort of really fun, outside for kids, tag game.
How to play:
Hyper Dash consists of one electronic tagger and five different colored and numbered targets. The tagger plays pre-recorded music and calls out which targets you need to strike. It tracks the amount of time taken to complete each course. The tagger uses radio frequency identification (RFID) to recognize the targets, which can be set up side-by-side, or spread out across the length of a football field. There's no limit to the distance between targets. Farther targets result in more running and exercise. Hyper Dash can be played indoors or outdoors; solo, in pairs, or in teams.
I don't really know if I like this for a Christmas Gift... simply because if the weather is bad.. you can't play it in the house (I'd go mad) but I love the idea for summer and children's parties.