Friday, March 28, 2008

SLC Restaurants...

I get in a restaurant rut sometimes. I asked my very organized friend Jenneece for a list of a few new places to try. Some of these places are old favorites, but most of them I haven't yet tried. Since many of you live in the greater SLC area.. or show up here occasionally... I thought I would share. Bon Appetit!

Cannellas-Italian, Best known for their lunch salad with sausage-never been yet
Tiberon-Located in Sandy area, American food, never been yet, comes highly recommended
Tuscany-Italian/American food, pricey but great atmosphere especially in the summer
Epic-sister restaurant of Tiberon, located in Holiday area, really good food
Al Fornos-Italian, great brochette, moderately priced
Faustina's-Italian, good food, priced well
Luganos-Italian, everyone that has gone here said it is great
Lemon Grass-Thai/Asian, heard great things about it for dinner
Tin Angel-
Café Trio-Lunch, heard great things about it for lunch
Stoneground-Italian, good food, very relaxed atmosphere and good prices
Tres Hombres

To this list.. I'll add a few of my tried and true favorites..

The Dodo
Hires Big H
Market Street Grill
The Garden
The Lion House Cafe
The Red Iguana
The Rio Grand Cafe
The Avenues Bakery
Les Madeleines - just treats
Ruth's Diner
Mrs. Backer's Pasty Shop
Bakers De Normandie
Z Tejas

What are your favorites?

Beans, Beans the musical fruit..

We love beans at our house. But, we don't love sore tummys or toots. Did you know that if you add 1 tsp. of mustard powder to these beans when you are heating them up (even in the microwave) that you'll have happy toot-free kiddos. It also works well in egg dishes.