Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You are all very good eggs & Make my DAY!

I recently received a You Make my Day award from
Which was so flattering to me because I would rather stop over there and look at all those pretty things than look through any glossy magazine.

You know blogging is an interesting hobby to have. I know there are people who have issues with it, but this is what I think.

Being a painterly sort of person, which sort of person spends much of the day being painterly and in order to be painterly and have things end up to be the way they are meant to be... one ends up spending a large portion of time by ones self, which has always been OK with me. I have lots of books from the library to listen to and I have fun music and I have lots of little jars of color, which is the best. But if I ever get to be the smallest bit lonely, I can walk down to the computer and find a message or leave a message with a great old friend or a fun new friend. So other than the actual word blogging (which sounds like a person could possibly be gagging on their oatmeal) I love it. And, I am grateful for the connections it makes with people. And, I can still laugh when people make fun of it like they did on NPR yesterday by saying it was all about self importance. WELL (huff, huff!) I have to have someone to show off to. Don't you!

Speaking of Showing off, these are some eggs that go out today for a special order, but I wanted to show them to all of you first. Don't you like this last photo? I thought the side of the lid turned out particularly well that time. :)

Anyway, according to All Things Bright & Beautiful...

I get to choose 5 blogs that make my day and that is difficult because there are so many fun ones, so have you ever visited...

On This Harvest Moon.. which I love because its owner is a new bride and it's so much fun to read about her dinner parties and see the things she picks in furniture and music. She has great taste in music and shares my love of white kitchen furniture.

I Love You... I Think is just smart and fun with a little satire, which I love!

Tales From Pixie Wood has the loveliest English Charm.. you must see her lovely Easter tree today.

My Pink Turtle is literally one of my favorite new artists and shares my adoration of Mexican culture and art.

Gingham World because Michelle is my good friend and I was a bit worried when she moved away, but because of blogs we talk everyday. :)