Saturday, March 01, 2008

I never did find a spring wreath. I went to a second place and the wreaths were awful there as well. I don't know where people just buy the pretty ones. I see them places. (I liked your Valentine wreath so much SSWS... very pretty). However, this just goes to show that if you just roll up your sleeves you can have what you want. I bought a silk peony bush at a craft store 1/2 off and a total of $5. I bought a grape vine wreath. I had a bolt of this lovely but very inexpensive ribbon at home. Add glue gun.. and one hour. Done. And, I kind of like it.
I know I should take the tacky Starlight Gardens sign down. But, I can't. It's sentimental. I put it up because I wanted this to be a happy home with a good name. Our last place was aptly named, "the Village of the Damned." Yes, C named it that, but after a while we both called it that. I wanted to start fresh when we moved here and I painted this little sign right away and put it up.
I named my house after a restaurant in the old Hotel Utah. It's now just called The Garden.. I guess the ambient light from the city makes it difficult to see the stars through the glass roof. But, I love going there anyway, it's like dining in a terrarium kind of. The view is incredible and the food is pretty good. We've celebrated lots of happy days there.
And, naming the house must have worked because most days are a happy celebration here. We have very kind neighbors. We purchased some little trees. We have nice windows and lots of sunshine and when a light bulb needs changing.. we don't have to fight a condo board to do it.
This little home has become the dream that is a perfect fit. I always hope that I'll get to stay in it for all the rest of the seasons to come.