Thursday, March 08, 2007


Once upon a time, I made this pillow. I chose strips and scraps of favorite fabrics and sewed some pretty ribbons on top and then added some buttons that cames as extras in those tiny plastic bags attatched to new articles of clothing. I love this pillow because every once in awhile something turns out how you want it to and this was the case here. Sadly, it is coming to pieces and needs to be replaced. My family loves pillows, but they do not have the word "decorative" in their vocabulary; they only understand the words "user friendly". So... when I do make a pillow, I make it envelope style so that the cover can be slipped off and washed in the machine. This works well because all of the pillows I make turn into bean bags and all sorts of other things on the floor. Also, when the pillow form becomes flat and useless, a new one can be slipped into its place. Some of the pillows I have made with sturdier fabrics have gone through 3 sets of pillow forms before the covers have worn out.
I need some new pillow covers, but I will save that for another day as I am painting Easter today and listening to hopefully the end of Robinson Crusoe who has now been ship wrecked for 18 years and has discovered that a band of cannibals have been coming over and eating people on his peaceful little Island. On the positive side, he has learned to be a decent potter, farmer and goat hearder. But... I truly feel that this book is more a list than a novel. It is a list of disasters, bad decisions and kind of a 'what to do today' book... ie 'today I will make an umbrella out of goat skins'. Didn't Vogue try that once? Anyway... when will end? I am ready for the cannibals to eat this guy and have it over... Hopefully, no one here is in danger of being eaten today and just looking forward to a patch of sunshine instead... Have a great day!