Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy Birthday to My Friends...

Happy Birthday to Circe and Michelle!!!

Rach's Cute Wardrobe...

Whenever I see a particular cousin, Rachel, she has on the most darling outfits. When I enquire about the origin, she often says JC Penny.

I copied this skirt from their website today. I love it! And, it costs less than $20. Wouldn't it be darling for fall with a bright, cherry red sweater?

I will be watching this site for cute bargains like this one! Thanks Rach!

Best Wishes... Tiffany

Granny Chic Jewels ...

I think these may be a bit pricey for what they are, but how cute to have them both pinned to your jacket, very Granny Chic!

I love the colors!

Best Wishes... Tiffany

Day of the Dead...

What a beautiful tradition this is. I understand that several latin cultures celebrate these holidays, but this book is about Mexico.
I love this little book. Inside the cover it says, "Above a small town in Mexico, the sun rises like a great marigold, and one family begins preparations for an annual clebration, El dia de los muertos, the Day of the Dead. Soon, they will go out into the night, join their neighbors, and walk to the graveyard to welcome the spirits of their loved ones home again."
Jeanette Winter's illustrations are perfect. This book is not sad or scary, like the holiday, it is sweet and joyful, perfect to explain this celebration to children.
The celebration begins November first which is All Saints day, a day that remembers and honors children who have died. November second is All Souls Day and remembers grown people who have passed on. It is traditional that the spirits of the deceased visit their families at this time and a special altar is prepared with remembrances of the deceased; photos, a treasured possession, candles and marigolds and then favorite foods, including sweet breads and treats.
The popularity of this beautiful holiday tradition is moving north, I am happy to say, and I am going to try to make it part of our family traditions in some form. Best Wishes... Tiffany
***This post is dedicated to my friend Brooke who loves The Day of the Dead and all the beautiful things, art, traditions and people of Mexico