Thursday, January 22, 2009

Your Gonna Miss This...

You're gonna miss this
You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days
hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna miss this I used to be a huge fan of country tunes. Yep! But, I guess I just grew up and started listening to news and information instead of music really and then of course lots of books on tape. In high school, I had this pair of pale blue cowgirl boots with fringe on them... Oh they were cute! Then, the other day, I heard this song and started bawling like a baby. I know I'm hormonal, but this is ridiculous. I started thinking about all the really good days.. and there have been many and thought I might wear those boots again if I still had them.

When I was little, my parents were tight, but they did special things for us often and made so many days so fun... a celebration. My mom used to take me shopping in the city, just us sometimes and we would go to the fabric store and buy a piece of ribbon and maybe a little treat somewhere and then we would always pass by the temple and watch the brides come out and talk about how pretty they looked. My dad took all of the children to the park on Saturdays and pushed us in the swings really high.. almost every Saturday after the chores were finished and made us think it was his favorite part of the week.

I once picked raspberries with my Grandpa in his garden. I was really little and he tied a baby food jar around my waist with a leather cord. I was supposed to put the berries I picked into the jar, but almost none of the raspberries made it into my jar.. I ate them... all the raspberries I picked as we went down the row. My grandpa has always been a lot of fun. He ate lots of his too and we just laughed. I would love to have that afternoon again. Don't worry... I won't give you the whole history of my life here.

As I look at my two beautiful girls, there is almost no day that I wouldn't love to have back... maybe I could skip the night we took c to the Insta Care with double pneumonia... too scary. It's not that life has been perfect... there have been hard times and bad days, but there have been so many beautiful days too and I wish that I had recorded every one in a journal, or the perfect scrapbook. I didn't. But, the memories are there, not perfect, but there.

The other night C and I were looking at some photos of little c when she was a baby. C made the comment that I would have to excuse him if he started sobbing. I was just planning to join him. It's not that there are regrets... just a deep sense of gratitude for these little ones that we love so dearly and for all glorious days that are heaven's best gifts... for family and friends and for joy.

I've been so tired of all the bad news lately... It turns out that even in troubled times, there is much to be grateful for. Shine up yer boots.

Baby Nay Frida...

I love the color in this beautiful little outfit inspired by Frida Kahlo...