Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Summer at Tiffany...

Has anyone read this book? I hate to be the first, not that I'm the first, but you know I really like the recommendations of a friend before I read a book. I don't like to waste time reading lack luster literature of any kind. The last book I read on tape... (Big Sigh). Just horrid. I won't mention the title just in case someone we know is the author, and yet I kept reading because I had nothing else. How could someone make such a mess of a book about the South, which is such and interesting place? If the author had said the word atebellum even once more... I was going to have to write a long letter of complaint.
I saw this book, Summer at Tiffany while browsing through Barnes & Noble and you can see the cover has quite a lot of appeal. On the back of the book it explains that the book was written about a summer the author spent working at Tiffany's durring WW11.
Anyway, if you've heard anything... let me know.