Monday, June 08, 2009

Crazy Week...

Right in the middle of remodeling little c's room.. we dropped our paint brushes and decided to take a quick and unexpected trip to see THE mouse. When we returned we blessed (LDS vernacular) / Christened (most other vernacular) baby l.
The room has no more wall paper and is "nuclear reactor pink" excuse me Spring Azalea :) and can be seen from all of the lower 48 states... Little c chose the color and did a great job. It is lovely, but it does cause a hot pink glow in the hallways in the afternoon.
We had a marvelous trip. Thank you Bishop G. for letting us use your beautiful place! We had a marvelous time! The shine is off the mouse in my opinion, but the ocean and some of the other places we went to visit were gleaming.. Southern California is lovely! I love the sound of the ocean so much that I hated to come home, but then as we deplaned in SLC, it had been raining and the sweet smell of pine mountain air reminded me that it's good to go, and wonderful to return home.
We came home and had to hit the ground running because baby l was scheduled to be blessed and if we hadn't blessed her this exact day.. she would have been too big for her little dress.. we kind of had to shove her in as it was.. which she didn't appreciate.
I have more photos later for anyone who is interested.