Saturday, April 12, 2008

Morning Light Bouquet...

Several requests have been made for Mother's Day appropriate items.
Of course I will be painting some Mother's Day Love Boxes.. but I thought some new photographic note cards would be nice as well. There are a couple of sets available in the shop now (there are also a few sets of the Temple Square series still available). Also, an 8X10 art print similar to this one is in the shop and ready to be framed for Mother's Day. No watermarks will show on purchased photos. Also, a note on the art print.. the image had to be shrunk to fit Etsy.. but every pixel will be there in all it's undistorted glory in your mailbox.


Oh how I adore these little
dolls... aren't they cute!?!
Jenny is a former pastry chef and her little dollies are complete confection!
I thought I'd let you know.. she's having a shop update today! Hooray!