Thursday, November 30, 2006

Great Quote...

Love your friends. Give them dignity and richness, and help make their time alive abundant.

Alexandra Stoddard in Time Alive

Granny Chic Cute of the Week...

Anything quilted counts in this category. I adore these shams. They even come in Euro Squares. Does everyone love Euro Squares? I really do. Find them here.

Granny Chic item of the week...

I think these old-fashioned refrigerator dishes are very cool. And, look at this:

Holds 2 cups
Microwave, freezer, oven and dishwasher safe
Will not stain
Dishwasher safe

There are several sizes available. I think it would be darling wrapped up with some homeade treats and a red bow.

See it here.

Has anyone heard this album?

It seems like the perfect thing for the Rock-n-roller on your list. These guys were great at the 2002 Winter Games in SLC. I really hate to buy crappy Christmas cds don't you and it's all about having the tunes going during the holidays. :)

Love this Armoire...

It seems to belong with Alice in Wonderland. See it here.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Great Quote...

In the pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.
Albert Einstein

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Visible Storage...

I have to decorate my home out of Pottery Barn Kids and Teen because they have my colors throughout the year, not just in the spring. Aren't these great? Cds, dvds, mags... the possibilities are endless... See them here.

Mom, this Marimekko bag would be cute?

Very cute, and very red! :)

Beth's Market Bags...

Beth has darling new bags... see them here.

My Nutcracker and My Nutcracker Poem...

Our Nutcracker's fixed with a perilous gaze
He's grumpy, he's worred, he's stressed
you could say

He's shopping & wrapping & baking & spending
& running & raving & driving & grazing...

Too much!!!

He wants each of his friends to know that he cares
So he comes and he goes and he stands and he stares
At this one and that one and that one and this one
The blue one, the pink on, the red one, the right one

And he goes back and forth on this maddening track
until he drives himself nuts and he cracks

But don't you be like that...

Christmas is JOY it is Happiness & Love
IT is Peace that alights in the heart like a dove


Your commotion is good it sends grace and a tear
Just to think there is someone who cares around here.

Know that your motions means a lots to a many
Your trinckets and troubles go far. They do. Really!
They remind us of one who was born without cradle
Long ago, far away in a poor little stable.

So think of poor Nutcracker, but
Don't be like him
Ring bells, sing and shout!

Good Tidings and Cheer
are what Christmas' about!

copyright 2005

Monday, November 27, 2006

Alicia's Pretty Red Snowflake Box...

I painted this box for Alicia's friends this year, and now I am looking for traditional cherry, Christmas red everywhere. I love it! Great idea Boo! :)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

5 More Favorite Christmas Albums and The Great Velvet Fog...

One of the most wonderful evenings of my life was spent in Abravanel Hall at Christmas. If I remember correctly Craig and I were able to obtain tickets to see Mel Torme in December of 1995. We were young and broke and the tickets were kind of expensive for us, but it was worth every penny. The hall was packed with fans of every age all there to see a legend perform. His performance was electric and his voice was crystal clear and better than ever that night. His drum solo was amazing.
During the evening, he made the comment that real music appeals to everyone and lives forever. It is interesting now to see artists like Rod Stewart and others making albums that rely on the appeal of old standards.
On August 8, of 1996, just about 8 and a half months later, the great Velvet Fog suffered a stroke that ended his career. Now, I would pay 20 times the amount of the first ticket to see him in concert again. There are so many things that I have put off doing until I could more easily afford them, and I believe there is great wisdom in that, but just that one time I'm so glad I didn't wait. What a night, what a sound... Mel, we're still listening.

A little red...

We are going to add just a little more red to Christmas this year... Have you tried these Peppermint Tootsie Pops? They are delicious.

Best Wishes... Tiffany

Friday, November 24, 2006

Polka Spots...

Mom, thanks for reminding me about the beautiful wrapping to see here. Carolyn Roehm's site is beautiful.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I am so thankful for so many things and mostly for people that I love. I am very blessed with wonderful family and good friends and neighbors. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone... Best Wishes... Tiffany

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Holiday Music...

I have to admit that I loved this movie. Subsequently, we always buy one or two new holiday cds each year and we got this one. It's a classic. The jazzed up version of The Nutcracker Suite and Eartha Kit singing Santa Baby are so fun. I was sorry that they did not include the duet with Will Ferrel and Zooey Deschanel singing Baby It's Cold Outside. They have the one with Zooey singing with Leon Redbone instead. I would have loved to have both. It's a fun song, if a bit earthy when you really listen to the lyrics.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Granny Chic Book of the Week...

I checked this book out on tape from the library. I thought it was a fun read. It was a great surprise to find another just for fun writer to enjoy once in awhile. I have read all the Fannie Flaggs and the Mave Binchy and the Rosamonde Pilcher they have at the library. Suggestions anyone?

I also just finished reading Woodrow Wilson by Louis Auchincloss. The other things I have read by this author, have been short stories and he continues to be brief here so if you just want a really quick overview of this president, this may be the book for you. I am still thinking about a point where the author says that our two most famous/ popular presidents took opposite views on self-determination. Interesting thought. Is this just a given, my gut wants to fight about it. :)

Susan Sargent...

I have loved Susan Sargents books on design and color for sometime and I discovered today that she has an online store of really beautiful things. Her furniture... maybe someday... so pretty. See it here.

Christmas gifts I've loved... Lauren Child...

A couple of years ago, Jenni gave Charity the book I Will Never Not Ever Eat A Tomato. It has been Charity's favorite book three years running. She loves it! So, when we were in a book store in Sun Valley, we were excited to see Utterly Me, Clarice Bean, which is hilarious. Charity is getting The Princess and the Pea for Christmas... Ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... don't tell. Watch for our Christams card which is our version of Lauren Child's delightful mixed media. Thanks Jenni, you always know what we're going to like! :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

I Wake Up in Heaven...

It was somewhat difficult for me to get the colors to show true in these pictures. The chair is not gray, for example. However, this is the redecorating project we finished this spring.

I can't tell how much I love it. The paint is called True Blue by Benjamin Moore. I carried the chip around with me for two years. I wanted a paint that would look great with my Christmas Plate collection as well as incorporate some of the other colors in my home. And, Craig loves blue.

So, we love this room. We used to have a yellow bedroom that we loved when we lived in our condo, and we would say that we woke up in sunshine and now we say that we wake up in heaven.

I believe strongly in decorating in "happy" colors. I loved the cheese commercial that said. "Escape from beigeland." Amen. "Beige is not a color in the rainbow," says Alexandra Stoddard. However, if beige truly makes your heart go pitter pat, you should have beige. Just don't choose beige to be safe, or "neutral." Choose a wall color by what you love. What is your favorite color? That is the place to start. What looks good on you.

One of my good friends has the most warm and inviting home. The wall colors are deep reds and rusts and leaf greens. Whenever she opens the door for me, I think, "Lora looks pretty today." They are a family of red-heads and they look great in autumn colors.

Spring brights are my favorite, but they are not the only colors I love. I love rich colors, like garnent and eggplant. I love jewel colors, like saphire and emerald. I even like pastels if they are clear and true.

In Utah, people often choose what I would call Autumn tones, which go with the landscape, but then they opt for neutrals to be safe. Autumn is great. There is a full spectrum of lovely colors that represent that season; reds, greens, purples... But, spring is also beautiful in Utah, just visit the gardens at Temple Square when the tulips are blooming. In fact, Utah has four beautiful seasons.

Some people say that they find neutral colors calming, I find them depressing. I think you are very unlikely to be depressed in a hot pink shirt, and less likely to be hit by a car, which is also encouraging. Bright colors increase brain activity and decrease depression, really.

I have been asked if living with such bright colors gets on my nerves or if I get tired of them. No, neither. They make my heart sing everyday!

Have a bright and happy day! Best Wishes... Tiffany

Philidelphia Chickens...

Another Christmas idea for the kids. You may already have this, but if you don't check it out here. These songs are delightful but make sure to get the one that comes with the songbook and CD because it's so fun to have the words and sing along. :)

Granny Chic Cute of the Week...

Fun sale going on Hannah Anderson Kids...
Find this jacket here.

My Kokeshi Dolls...

I spent most of Saturday figuring out how to make these dolls and they are so easy.

Candle Cups 7/8" with 22.2 mm hole
Doll Head / Knob 1-1/4" (31.8mm)
Screws 8X1.5" (I believe... take the pieces to the hardware store and see what works)


I am so excited about these little dolls, I am hoping to be able to do an Activity Days spent making these dolls and having a little cultural history on the dolls and some Japanese Snacks including Grandma's Japanese Water Punch!
Best Wishes... Tiffany

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Text of... Thou Gracious God... By Oliver Wendall Holmes

Thou gracious God, whose mercy lends the light of home, the smile of friends,our gathered flock thine arms enfold as in the peaceful days of old.Wilt thou not hear us while we raise in sweet accord of solemn praise the voices that have mingled long in joyous flow of mirth and song? For all the blessings life has brought, for all its sorrowing hours have taught, for all we mourn, for all we keep, the hands we clasp, the loved that sleep. The noontide sunshine of the past, these brief, bright moments fading fast, the stars that gild our darkening years, the twilight ray from holier spheres.We thank thee, Father; let thy grace our loving circle still embrace, thy mercy shed its heavenly store, thy peace be with us evermore.

Craig is singing this beautiful music today with the Church Choir.

Don't miss hearing this amazing piece performed by the world famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir on this CD. Kudos to Aunt Ruth!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!!! Love & Best Wishes Tiffany...

Friday, November 17, 2006

Thank you Mom!!!

Mom got me this today with her bogo coupon. I love it! I am going to try not to use the whole bottle by tomorrow. Thank you Mom! I feel so Christmasy now. :)


This is one of my favorites because I love the combination of the berry red and fushia colors. It took me a long time to figure out a poinsettia that made me happy. I have about 10 of these left and I think about 6 Nutcracker Love Boxes and no worries yet about the snowflakes, there are quite a few.

My new painting challenge... Next week I will be painting some handcart boxes, so if anyone wants one of those they can be personalized at no extra charge if the order is placed before I start painting. I can't put a picture yet, because I've never made one, but it is going to be a blue night time background with white snow and a few little beige weeds poking up through the snow.

Best Wishes... Tiffany

Taco Soup...

If you are feeling like a little south-of-the-border, then this is the stuff you need. If your Taco Soup, Salsa, Pico or chicken just doesn't have the right flavor and a little heat, a few drops of this stuff will set you right up. It has a much better flavor than Tabasco. This is for you Aunt Sherry and I'll post the easy salsa recipe when I can find it.

A pink tutu!!! Hello???

Alicia just e-mailed me a note. She wants to be the Sugar Plum Fairy. Me too. And, I am making my traditional visit to the Nutcracker on Sat. where I will sit in my seat and pretend. I wanted to post a beautiful picture of The Sugar Plum Fairy so that you could all say AAAAaaaahhhh..... But, hello?!?!? Maximum frustration! The Sugar Plum Fairies some people drum up are wearing yellow, mustard yellow! and blue and white and all kinds of other crazy nonsense. The Sugar Plum Fairy should always wear pink. Anyway, if you have a Sugar Plum Fairy, she should definitely wear this pink Tutu, which is $23 on Ollie Bollen.

The Love Box link is on the blitz because I am gadget challenged. Sorry.

Best Wishes... Tiffany


I love woodturnings, Craig needs a lathe for Christmas and then he could make me stuff to paint. His wildest dream come true??? How did I not know about these dolls until yesterday when they are so cute?!? Anyway, sadly I have no personal ties to Japan, but I am going to find a way to make some Kokeshi anyway.

Best Wishes... Tiffany

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Snowflakes are a miracle of art and design that drop on your head like kisses from heaven...

The Snowflake Man

"Under the microscope, I found that snowflakes were miracles of beauty; and it seemed a shame that this beauty should not be seen and appreciated by others. Every crystal was a masterpiece of design and no one design was ever repeated., When a snowflake melted, that design was forever lost. Just that much beauty was gone, without leaving any record behind."
Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley 1925

I looked at a lot of snowflake pictures while I was planning this years Christmas Love Box. My favorites were taken by Wilson Bentley who was passionate about the beauty of snowflakes. His pioneering work in photomicrography has left a treasure.

Go to this site and give yourself a treat. Look at each photo enlarged. They are breathtaking! These pictures and the story of Snowflake Bentley would make a wonderful show-n-tell for anyone who needs one.

Next time you happen to be out in a storm remember that this is the grace and the beauty crowning your head, and you will feel like a princess.

Best Wishes... Tiffany


For my anniversary, my sweetheart gave me a set of BedHead pjs. They are soooo lovely if a bit pricey. They now have a few different sets in Liberty of London fabrics.

Granny Chic Cute of the Week...

Jesse Steele aprons are so darling! Use Google, they are available everywhere in tons of cute colors.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Snowflake Box...

This is the 2006 Christmas Box. It is available to order for anyone who needs a special Christmas gift for someone. It comes wrapped and tied with a tiny snowflake on top. I also have about 10 Nutcrackers available for sale and about the same number of Poinsettia boxes. If you haven't seen those you can see them by searching.... Hand Painted Love Boxes on Ebay. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Gilda The Angel...

I love the work of artist Jody Battaglia who created darling little Gilda The Angel... Jody Battaglia and other really great folk artists display and sell their work on

Pretty Diamonds...

I realize that people have different tastes, but to me, this is the world's prettiest diamond ring. At Tiffany's ofcourse.

For Tennesee...

Available on Little Wonderland...

Cutest Little Fairy...

This darling little fairy is from Little Wonderland...

Cute necklace...

Cute necklace available on Oompa toys for 9.99.

Zen Shorts...

Someone on my list is going to get this book. Who wouldn't love a Zen Panda Bear? And, almost everyone in my family needs this bear. :) Best Wishes... Tiffany

Cute little doll...

I wish that I knew someone who liked dolls... I love this Waldorf Petite Star Fairy from Kathe Kruse available at
Oompa Toys.