Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico...

Beautiful Mexico! Shawna sent these lovely pictures from
her trip. I wanted to share them so that everyone
who is dealing with smog, fog or inversion
has something beautiful to look at. Those
pink flowers are heaven. Shawna said there
are so many pink flowers that they have
to rake the petals into piles and she
really wanted to dive into a pile
of pink petals. How did she resist???
I never would have been able to.

A New Leaf...

This is a favorite movie of mine. I seem to be the only person who thinks it's hilarious. I love Walter Matthau and his adorable droopy dog face and how he plays irritated. It's so funny.
This movie is about a guy who has a trust fund which would live forever if he would just spend $90,000 a year, and this was a long time ago, but he insists on spending $200,000 a year and so he loses his capital, his... He loses all his money. He becomes poor. Suicide seems the only option... until his butler explains to him that as an alternative to suicide, marriage might be considered.
You will not enjoy this movie if you take any of it seriously. It is dry and very subtle in places but funnier to me every time.