Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garden Season...

My garden is getting started. I love this time of year.

One of my all time favorite trees. .. Bechtel Crab
In bloom.. Korean Lilacs.. I forget which...

The sweet woodruff is finishing off, but still smells heavenly..

My garden is granny chic :) I love petunias, lilacs, tulips, roses, dahlias, peonies... and I LOVE PINK. This bed doesn't look like much but in July you won't see dirt, it will be a froth of pink.

This Bacopa: Snowstorm Giant Snowflake is something new that I'm trying out in a part of my garden that stays pretty dry no matter what I do. The flowers are supposed to keep coming even when the plants are drought stressed. We'll see. :)

The tomatoes are in.. except the cherry variety. I can almost taste them. Yum. Lots to do in the veggie garden still. We follow the square foot gardening plan and it's beautiful and produces plenty for our family over the summer. We also keep fresh herbs in pots, and they often come back on their own... which is why they are in pots. We don't want a yard full of peppermint as much as I love it.

I have several varieties of crab tree. They are my favorite. This is Prairie Fire.

There is still so much to do, but this is my favorite time of year in the garden, once it gets over 80 degrees. I'm out only early in the morning putting the Preen down and then going back in. But, I loved being out in the rain today. It smells like heaven and everything is clean and beautiful.

Jacquelyn M. Voice Studio..

My beautiful sister Jackie is in the middle of a Master's Degree at the Cleveland Institute. But, she is home for the summer and teaching voice lessons for a very reasonable price. If you are local and interested.. let me know.

This is her Facebook Page... which has prices and other info.

Pass it on...

A Tale of Two Cities... by Charles Dickens

Yes. I'm still obsessed.

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