Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Little Culture...

We've had a funny week at the theater this week. I almost feel like a jinx. When we went to see the city production, which was amazing by the way, of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat-- the fire alam went off during the Grand Finale and we had to evacuate the building. We waited about 15 minutes in the intensely uncomfortable sound and then had to leave. I was sorry to hear that just a few minutes later the Fire Dept. was there and had everything corrected very quickly. People were able to re-take their seats and to see the Grand Finale in full. I wish that I had been one of those people because I really think that any town in Utah can stage a production full of talent, but I was very proud of my own little town because the show was just unbelievable from the sets to the costumes... but the talent was truly amazing.
This experience prepared me for the PMT production of Les Miserables. During the Lovely Ladies number, the electricity went out for over 40 min. A few people left, but most by far did not. The cast was at the end of contract and the show was sold out until then, so if we did not stay, we would miss it. And, it was not to be missed.
Here are some intersting facts about the show from an article that appeared in the Deseret Morning News on April 22, "First of all, this is not a touring production. PTC is the first regional company in the United States to be officially licensed by London-based producer Cameron Mackintosh to stage its own production... This all-new local production has been setting records for the Salt Lake City-based company. Even before this week's opening night, the production was already extended by six additional weeks. "It's not as if we're just extending on hope," said Morey. "We don't extend the show until the previous week is 90 percent sold out." I think people everywhere love this particular show, people in Utah certainly do.
Anyway, it was great, really great! Eponine was my favorite voice, but they were all amazing.
It has been so delightful to introduce little c to the theater this summer. She is loving it!
To love another person is to see the face of God.
Les Miserables.