Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Victoria Magazine & A Room of One's Own..

Victoria is back! And look who is gracing page 84! I have been so excited about this and now it's here. Victoria will be on news stands in a week or two.

Bluebirds & Birthdays...

There must be a lot of birthdays in October because the recent orders from my shop have all been birthday gifts for friends. I love my friends and I know that you love yours so I try to make the packaging special always, but even more for birthdays. This is a pair of bluebird earrings that went out today. Happy Birthday!

Canadian Geese & Marching Bands...

I'm sorry these aren't very good pictures. I think I was in one of those moods yesterday where nothing was going to spoil my bliss. The story is that our local High School puts on a marching band competition every year. It's a big event. Somehow, although I just adore marching bands, I have never been to this before. It was fantastic! ... except for a couple of things #1 we were sadly under dressed for such an event. It was really cold. #2 not only was it cold the rain was pouring in sheets out of the sky (I felt so badly for the poor flag girls whose mascara was running and whose hair was stringing not to mention they were soaked and freezing cold) #3 a ginormous Canadian goose pooped on my coat. :(
Can I tell you that none of these things bothered me or little c and her cousins. We were out to have a good time and we were not about to let Satan and all his goose angels stop us. We had so much fun. I can't wait to go again next year. We had packed a really fun picnic of apple juice and donuts and turkey sandwiches (take that birdies). Thank heavens our picnic was long finished before the goose showed up. When he showed up, I just took that coat off (it's now been washed 3 times) and ran quickly home for more coats and fleece blankies. We only had to leave because it started raining so hard that our bums all got soaked too. But really what a great night. How about that last band right before we left... huge band... in purple uniforms all playing Ray Charles! I'm never missing this event again.