Saturday, September 15, 2007


Little c and I stayed up late last night and watched Lili, which aired on PBS Charity was really enchanted with the story and amazing costuming and color. Leslie Caron plays Lili, an orphaned sixteen year old girl who falls in love with a carnival magician. She joins the carnival and helps the puppeteer create a successful act. The puppeteer is in love with Lili, but is a tortured war veteran and former dancer who is no longer able to dance because of his war injuries.
With the beautiful color and gaiety of the carnival on the outside, the film is quite dark at its heart where it looks into suicide, depression, homelessness, alcoholism and other things. I don't know how much of that little c understood.. we're going to talk today.
Leslie Caron is simply brilliant and the film is worth seeing just for her performance.