Saturday, November 17, 2007

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Rovalis Ristorante Italiano

Davis County is such a wonderful place to live. We have everything here except great restaurants. (You wouldn't dare put that we have a Wendy's in the comments:) Oh I shouldn't say there are none, but in Davis County without going into the city there are very few good restaurants that I know of. In the burbs you get chain restaurants and some are ok sometimes, but I never wake up with a hankering for Red Robin.

There are a few good resteraunts that are not the chain variety. Roosters and Corbins are very good. MacCools is good. There's Robintinos, but I understand from a few people that it's an acquired taste that you have when you grow up in "the county". Some time ago we got a family owned (this is important) Mexican Restaurant named Pepper Belly's. I was so excited when I went the first time. It's decorated so fun and you'll have a great experience there as long as you only order a soda. The place is generally (with one or two exceptions) know be awful in the worst way. I swear to you that they buy the chips in bulk from Sam's Club and everything, everything has Pace Picante on it. Now Pace Picante sauce has it's uses. I have a great recipe, believe it or not, for salsa that you make with a base of Pace Picante Sauce, but no self-respecting Mexican Food lover likes it alone and they will not believe my recipe either (until they try it).

I digress. Anyway, my friend Circe recommended a new Italian place in Layton, I can't remember the name of any place ever, so I forgot, but I think this was it. Rovalis! It was great! Mostly really great. C was a little bugged that his veggies had been the frozen/then steamed variety. But, I don't know if I want to knock off points for that because you really aren't supposed to review a restaurant after visiting there once. So, maybe the frozen veggies aren't regular fair. I hope not. However, the rest of the meal was just delicious. The place was light and bright, reasonably priced, and had a really decent kids menu. It is family owned. The service was great. They say that they make all of their desserts right there fresh, and they looked delish, but we were too full to sample them.

I hope they make a big success, but if you are dining in Layton, trade the chain Olive Garden and the like, for a real family owned real, and delicious restaurant. Help them make it a big success. Maybe I'll see you there, but don't sit too close because they have a special garlic dish I'm trying next!