Saturday, March 21, 2009

Defending Your Life...

Oh how I adore Albert Brooks.. his dry humor kills me every time. This film about a man who gets hit by a bus and goes to Judgment City where in a court like setting he is supposed to prove that he has learned what he came to learn and is reading to move on.
He becomes really anxious to move on when he meets the love of his life (afterlife) and she's so fabulous that she is definitely moving on.
Albert Brooks always does my kind of neurosis which is just a little less edgy than Woody Allen (I'm not as bad off as him... poor guy), but he definitely has a theme through his performances and I always wonder if he's like me or just making fun of folks like me.. so if anyone knows him personally??? His characters seem to take courage in the end of most of his films. I like the message behind the humor.
I think it's PG.. however some of the jokes are a bit sexual in nature and it's not veiled... so not for the kiddos in my opinion.

The Black Stallion

When I was in elementary school, I was captivated by horses. I loved all the horse books and then this movie came out.. one of the best ever films in my opinion. It expanded my imagination and made me dream that like Alec, I would have my very own Black Stallion to keep in the back yard. I rented this the other day to show to little c. She liked it, but it was not her thing like it was mine sadly... it's a slow moving film, not like the ones kids see nowadays. The beauty of the filming... those breathtaking silent scenes where the boy and the horse become friends on the island and learn to survive together... and then when Alec learns to ride his magic horse... down the beach with arms raised he is flying. It's so beautiful to watch it puts a lump in my throat.