Saturday, June 28, 2008


Sorry to be gone so long. C's brother suffered a medical trauma on Tuesday and passed away Thursday... so I won't be checking in much for the next week.
Jessica, I'm sorry. I will get your package in the mail when things settle and I will have an extra giveaway since I missed one.. once I get back.
Thanks for understanding.

Love Boxes...

New Love Boxes.. in..

Monday, June 23, 2008

Input please..

I have been having some difficulty making a final decision on this design for some reason. I guess that I appreciate various stages of simplicity or complexity, or I just don't groove on this one.. still not sure. If you have an opinion, I'd love to hear it.

These boxes will all be found in..
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From the Earth to the Moon...

From the Earth to the Moon is one of the most inspiring programs I've ever seen. It takes you from John F. Kennedy's 1961 moon speech at Rice Stadium through the entire efforts of the Apollo program.
Well written and visually stunning, it does more justice to the subject than one could hope. I believe there are 12 hour long episodes. Some are better than others and they are all quite a different take from one another, but I think it's the 10th one that was by far my favorite. Titled, Galileo Was Right, it tells the story of the Apollo 15 Astronauts, who are pilots and must become geologists also to fill the scientific objectives of their mission. They struggle through hours of classroom instruction that holds little interest and appeal to them until Jack Schmitt brings in an old college professor by the name of Lee Silver who is both a world class geologist and a gifted teacher.
Hopefully we all know what a gifted teacher can do for a student. Lee Silver not only takes these pilots and turns them into geologists, but he truly opens another universe for them to see and because of that, they are able to bring the environment of the moon and it's geological story home to earth.
Don't skip ahead to see this one, it's better to see them in order. That's All There IS.. episode #7, is a little PG-13.. just to let you know.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Being a Grouch...

I like good service, but was dissapointed not to receive it recently. This is the complaint letter that C urged me NOT to send.. and I thought it was so good...

Dear ...........,

Looking for the perfect Father's Day gift on June 9th, I was thrilled to see that ........... had From the Earth to the Moon in stock believing that by paying ........... $10 over the price and the additional expedited shipping I would be able to receive it for Father's Day. Sadly, I still have not received it. If you cannot complete delivery by Tuesday, June 24th 5PM local time, I will expect the order to be cancelled and a full refund issued. After all people, the actual trip to the moon & back only took 6 days.
Best Wishes,Tiffany

"The Apollo 11 astronauts were launched July 16th 1969 at 08:32:00 am EST from Kennedy Space Centre. They reached the Moon when they performed a Lunar Orbit Insertion (LOI) manoeuvre July 19th 12:21:50 pm EST. It took them 3 days, 3 hours, 49 minutes... to fly to the Moon. " Wikipedia

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I don't know how I missed this one when it originally came out in 2006? Weird.. because it's right up my ally.
"The film follows the enlistment, training and combat experiences of a group of young Americans who volunteer to become fighter pilots in the Lafayette Escadrille, the 124th air squadron formed by the French in 1916. The squadron consisted entirely of American volunteers who wanted to fly and fight in World War I during the main years of the conflict, 1914-1917, before the United States later joined the war against the Central Powers." Wikipedia
C thought it was OK, but I love planes and found the dog fight scenes fascinating. These pilots, like those we have now, learned to take these machines to the very limits of their capacity. I'm sure that most of it was done with computer animation, but it was amazing to watch.

Friday, June 20, 2008

NM Lovely Iron Bench...

Mom... this is so you... or maybe it's so me.. I can't decide.

Giveaway Friday...

The drawing today is for a Love Boxes Angel Doll
& a favorite book Better Than Beauty: A Guide to Charm
written in 1938
.. and a little flower pin and a few other surprises...
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Congratulations to Jessica of Lost Button Studios!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good Manners Thursday...

Looking your best. AAAAaah! People who paint all day wear clothes that can be spilled on and not cried over and sadly I have found that once comfortable in these clothes.. they go out... IN PUBLIC! .. much to the dismay of certain of my more fashionable relatives. (Sorry Rob.)
As I was reading in Better Than Beauty: A Guide to Charm this morning in order to find a fun post for Good Manners Thursday.. I had to laugh at the section Accessories Speak Volumes. I wonder, what does my black plastic hair clippy say about me. I seldom remember to wear anything else in the way of an accessory. I even forget to put my wedding ring on much of the time. My Gold Toe ankle socks aren't too fetching, but they sure are comf! Remember, this is from 1938, but still...
"Go to your bureau or dressing table and take out every purse and belt, every scarf and pair of gloves. Go to you closet and take out every hat and every pair of shoes. Look them over, Are they accessories that lift an ordinary costume into the realm of smartness, or are they detractors and hangers-on that do more harm that good?
Don't buy your accessories helter-skelter. 'That's a sweet purse'... 'this belts a bargain'... 'pretty gloves, aren't they?' That's not the way to decide!
When you add up the cost of all the extras that go to make up even a simple costume, you may be staggered by the total. That's why each part should be selected with an eye to its fitness not only for this one ensemble, but for many others, too."
I need serious help in the shopping department. :)
Be sure to come back tomorrow.. A copy of Better Than Beauty: A Guide to Charm will be part of the Friday Giveaway!

Pretty Tree...

I'm sorry about this photo, but I just wanted to show you a tree that I don't have, but covet. This is a Blireiana Plum tree. It has deep red leaves and these beautiful lavender blossoms. It smells like heaven, but not really like anything I can describe.. it's subtle. I think there is a variety of this tree that gets really twisty interesting branches as well. I love this tree.. they are difficult to come by in Utah.. but possible I understand and they do well here.

The Herb Garden...

This is the herb garden. We hope to have it growing in more attractive containers at some point, but right now we are recycling the pots that the trees and shrubs came in from last years plantings. We planted about 10 trees last year, but I am always finding trees that I love and would love to have.. and with the price of fruit lately.. maybe an apple or a pear tree because.. HELLO fruit costs about $1 a piece these days. Maybe I should get a tree and a fruit stand!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Roses and Donuts...

I'm in heaven at home. I never go on vacation in June ever. I wouldn't even consider it. Why would I leave when my roses are blooming. Why? It would be crazy! Yep, here it comes.. Tiffany's yearly rose revelry. You can just skip this post if you are gagging. I love roses!!!
I took these photos this morning. this is a picture of our yellow climber. I love it! You know it has taken awhile for all the roses to get established. It takes about 3 years for them to really start producing, but this yellow has made big strides.. every year being better than the last.
I will have to show you the peace roses and the Abraham Lincolns tomorrow or something. It's been a busy week. Dance week.. little c is high as a kite!
On another subject, have you heard the expression "Wickedness never was happiness.." Well, the other day, I was at the grocery store being profoundly tempted by chocolate cake donuts.. you know I'm trying to eat healthy.. anyway. The donuts found their wile way into the cart and even home, but when I took the white paper pastry sack out of the bag, I found to my horror and dismay that the donuts had been packed under the bananas and the celery and carrots. Yes! Under all the heavy, healthy stuff. Ironic? Well, that just made me mad and I had to eat that donut even though it was smashed flat.. And, you know what, it was still pretty awesome.. so I don't know about that saying after all. :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nacho Dinner...

I stole the Nacho dinner idea from Janice. Thanks Janice!
I'm sorry that my photo doesn't look more appetizing because it really was delish. It was one of the more expensive and less healthy and less cheap eats and while it's super easy.. it's not really that fast at least the way I did it.
I browned some diet lean burger with taco seasoning.
I put 1/2 of it sprinkled over the chips (which are Tostitos Multi grain.. my favorite) and I saved the other half for burritos for the next days lunch.
I warmed a full can of Rosarita Vegetarian Refried Beans (no fat)
There is a 4oz can of chopped Jalapeno chilis
A 4 oz can of sliced olives
Two medium diced Tomatoes
Lots of Moteray Jack Cheese grated and a little cheddar
I also make a little guacamole dip. Yum!
Bake at 450 degrees with the broiler on for 3-4 minutes..

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull...

So, I was looking forward to this movie and I'm just very sorry to tell you all not to bother with it. How many years have they taken to put together a decent script and still it's just awful. See #1 and #3 and just skip the rest.
One of my favorite memories as a kid was that my Dad would take us to the Cinadome in Ogden to see Indiana Jones movies on the really, really big screen. I had to hide a lot from the bugs and the other critteries, but it was sooo much fun.. a really big day out. And, we got sodas and popcorn. That's why I was really looking forward to this movie... but it was just mostly so dumb that I don't know what else to say. I don't want to be rude AND a spoiler.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Giveaway Friday.. Blue Heart Box..

This is today's Giveaway Box.. inside it reads, "Above our life, we love a steadfast friend.."
Christopher Marlowe
This is only part of the prize.. there will be a few other surprises as well!
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Congratulations Robin's Nest!

Good Manners Thursday...

Yes.. I chickened out on Good Manners Thursday yesterday. But, I still want to post something from Happiness for Two, which was one of the best books I read last year. It's a book about marriage and there is a lot in the book about etiquette in marriage. If you haven't read Alexandra's books before, you will enjoy her short essay style. Each chapter is 3-5 pages and she gets right to the point.
A favorite chapter in this book is about being a more interesting person by making the commitment to lifelong learning.
So many of the friends I love are so good at this, I hope it will give you a boost today to know how fabulous you are!
I really think that etiquette and manners, at least to me, is a desire that I have for self-examination and improvement in every aspect of life... to be the best self for self and for others is the ultimate in good manners. I just wanted to explain that so you don't wonder why I don't talk about which fork is appropriate. It's more interesting to me to post here pieces of wisdom.. not ones that I myself am perfect at .. but the things which I am interested in improving myself.. It's here for my benefit and you are invited to read along if you like just so you know that I'm only preaching to me.
Alexandra wrote: "A love of learning is a gift that enriches every day we're alive. Reading quality literature regularly fosters within you a quickening of knowledge and experience... The quality of our reading enhances all of our interaction with others and especially with our love. When you both value being lifelong students, always reaching out to grow more knowledgeable about the world and how to live more successfully in it, you become more interested and therefore more interesting to each other. Both partners raise their appreciation of life's richness and diversity and sustain a mutual joie de vivre. When you stimulate your mind with wise thoughts and universal principles that have withstood the test of time, you're more able to trust your intuition of what is true."
How true is that!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

27 Dresses...

I think there are a lot of us that can relate to the people pleasing character of Jane (the perfect name) in this film. I thought this was a cute romantic comedy with a few bits of surprisingly good writing here and there.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The BBQ..

The BBQ was so much fun! My friend Shauna put together these decorations by having us all bring our children's cowgirl/cowboy gear. Then she brought two backs of Hoody's roasted peanuts that we scattered and smashed a little.
Bandannas and sunflowers ...
.. and lots of good food, but by then the people were there, which is when I stopped taking pictures and went to the party myself.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Happy Hat...

I love this hat and the photograph!
Found on Etsy
See it HERE!

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches...

I have to say that I found some cool things while shopping at Costco yesterday. Foster Farms has this 10 pound bag of individually frozen (not frozen in a big lump mind you..) INDIVIDUALLY frozen chicken breasts. A lady in my neighborhood told me about these and I'm trying them out for a big neighborhood BBQ today. I like the look of them because they are fairly normal sized and don't look as though they've been pumped full of hormones. If they turn out to taste good, I think I will buy a bag for myself to just keep in the freezer. It would be so nice to just be able to grab one or two for dinner when needed. There were 27 in each of the bags I purchased.
My recipe for BBQ chicken sandwiches is simple: Kraft Honey BBQ sauce (any kind would be great..) And chicken. If you own a crock pot, you just put the frozen chicken and the BBQ sauce all in. I don't have a crock pot.. so I just use a regular oven safe pot with a lid.
I put the chicken right in frozen at 8AM with the BBQ sauce and I will cook it until about 4-5 PM @ 275 degrees. Shred with a fork. I like to cook it all at 300 for the last 1/2 hour before I serve it.. just to be safe.
Costco had some really fabulous different rolls that come from nice local bakeries. Baci rolls from Granato's and sour dough rolls from Vosen's. I thought either would be nice for my party, but the Baci rolls were kind of prettier.. so I got those.
Anyway, that's a 3 ingred. recipe. I'm not sure if it fits healthy.. because there is a lot of sugar, but if you make a salad.. it's almost a no effort meal.

Monday, June 09, 2008


Everyone who knows me well, knows that I adore rainbow bright colors.. but, not so well known is that I also really love white. You'd never guess because I wear black everyday, but I love white linens.
I paid for part of my college education by working for 3 years at a commercial laundry. The facility had washing machines that did hundreds of pounds of sheets at the same time. I loved the sound they made.. it was almost like the ocean. I loved the feeling of the steam in the air and the smell of stacking clean linens.
It wasn't always pleasant job. I found a turtle and a snake in a bag of lab coats.. and subsequently saved them from being washed in one of the large commercial machines. I actually had some trouble at the particular stop.. Another time I went to pick up lab coats.. I became curious about a stuffed Alligator.. who wasn't actually stuffed. I nearly had a heart attack when he jumped and snapped at me.
I also occasionally picked up the lab coats from a local slaughter house.. I nearly became a vegetarian.. not out of compassion.. just because the uniforms did not smell good lets say.
Anyway, I did love that job. It was one of my favorites and I came to have quite a few opinions about laundry which of all the household chores is still by far my favorite. If you are interested in a few tips.. you can read on..
1. I keep white sheets, towels, bath mats and bar mops in my home. They can all be bleached. While I keep colored towels in all the baths for drying hands and decorative purposes, when I get out of the shower, I want a big, clean, white, fluffy towel waiting for me. I love to fall asleep surrounded by the smell of good, clean, white, cotton sheets. And, for obvious reasons.. bath mats and bar mops are better off bleached.
2. I am opposed to perfumed laundry soap. I know that many people like certain perfumes found in soap, but I find that if I am sitting next people (I have quite a nose.. mind you) I can smell their laundry soap, deodorant and perfume mixing. I find this particularly annoying on men. Most laundry soap perfumes are floral in their base and you don't want to send your son to school smelling like a bouquet. I love Tide Free & Cheer Free & Gentle which only smell clean and do a great job.
3. I am a big believer in Borax and even though we have soft water in our home. I add Borax to every load. It does so many things that it's difficult to list. It's especially great for non-bleach able whites and delicates. It's wonderful for getting that icky smell out of colored towels (you won't have noticed that if you use perfumed soap.. but it's there). If you have a small baby.. it's a must have for spit up stains etc. But, just read the back of the box.. it does all those wonderful things.
4. I prefer dryer sheets as opposed to adding liquid softener for several reasons. Even with the Downy Ball or whatever.. I would mess that up timing wise and secondly... softeners separate the fibers in your clothing.. thus making them soft.. but also reducing the amount of wear you get out of them. So, when I do a large load of the fluffy white towels.. I use a full dryer sheet, but for clothing I only use 1/2 a dryer sheet which is enough to take out the static and soften the clothes sufficiently. Dryer sheets also can leave some residue on the lint screen of your dryer. Lint screens should be rinsed and air dried about every 6 months to increase the life of your machine. I have the same problem with perfumed dryer sheets and use Bounce Free sheets which are somewhat expensive, but if you are buying the box of 120, but getting about 200 loads out of the box.. it's not so bad.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Giveaway Friday...

The 4 Seasons: Something fun for each season of the year...
These photos represent just part of the prize.. there will be some original photo cards as well, but they aren't finished. Also, this is a new box design.. it isn't flawed, it just isn't the final design, but I hope you'll like it anyway.
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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Good Manners Thursday...

On of my favorite etiquette books, Better Than Beauty: A Guide to Charm, is a really fun read because some of it is a little out-dated. It was written originally in 1938 and there are passages about proper dress and hygiene that sound funny in a day when women wear pants and often shower at least once a day if not more. However, some rules of grace are timeless. The book makes the point that it is nearly impossible to be charming if you are wearing uncomfortable, pinchy shoes. True. No?
It also talks about Gratitude without which there can be no grace or charm..
"There is scarcely an hour that passes in which someone doesn't do something for you. It may be the grocery boy. It may be the mailman. Most of all, it will be the people with whom you work and live. Do you stop to realize the humanity of these givers of good things that make your life comfortable? ... Are they mere scenery, something you paid for and so needn't be aware of? You can't afford to think so. Your attitude toward those who serve you reflects your attitude toward everyone else."
I think this is why Princess Diana was so beloved. She was not a perfect person, but she was a person of great social station who was famous for treating everyone beautifully. She comforted the sick, held the hands of aids patients and was famous for gratitude. Her thank yous always arrived the next day.
When I was little, I would watch how my dad treated waiters at restaurants and gas station attendants and the people who worked at the garden centers. Often they remembered his name because he treated them with such grace and respect for which he was rewarded with exceptional service.
One time my husband needed a car inspection done post haste. The car was borderline and we needed the car to last for six more months until we could purchase a new one. C took a box of donuts down to the guys at the garage and explained his situation. The car passed inspection just in time. He could have yelled and had a temper tantrum. That does work for some people, but why sell your grace so cheaply and burn bridges.
"'Thank-you' is a tribute, a recognition that we live by mutual aid and mutual consideration. Once you get this fundamental feeling that each of us lives by the grace of God and our fellowman, you will detect a new note in your thank-you. It ceases to be just a phrase. You stop wondering whether it is necessary to say it. It turns into graciousness and reflects itself in your every human contact."
Just a few weeks ago, I went to a new restaurant with some old friends. The waiter was new and quite enthusiastic, but very awkward for such a nice place. I was a little embarrassed for him. He kind of went on and on although he didn't quite seem to have his lines down. I was just a little bit uncomfortable. But, my friends all treated him as though he were the best waiter ever and what could have been uncomfortable in other company was a lovely evening. When I went home that evening, I was thinking how lucky I am... my friends are a lot like Princess Diana. :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Butterfly Hat...

No one seemed to like this butterfly hat that Princess Beatrice wore to the latest royal wedding... but I loved it!
Here's a better photo.

Sticky Brown Rice and Veggies...

This is really an easy one. Make your rice. Chop any veggies you like and steam in a microwave safe container in 1/2 inch water for 4 minutes. Combine everything and add lite soy sauce, sea salt and pepper.
This is my favorite brown rice. I love it! It's now available in bulk at Costco. It makes a healthy brown organic rice that turns out as yummy as your favorite sticky rice every time.

More Manly Tooth Fairy Delivery..

See the truck here
and the tractor here
There is also a pirate and a captain toothless..

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Circe's Trees...

Circe has written another masterpiece. Don't miss it.

P.S. Get a box of kleenex first.

Harry Potter...

We finally finished the whole series last night. I feel like someone should give me an award. I loved books 1-3 (you know.. the short ones). I am not a series person, with the exception of Jan Karon's Mitford series, which I adore, I have a difficult time if a series is longer than 3-4 book and usually move on.
And, Rowling can write teens. If they did one more bit of whining.. I was going to send them all to time out! But, the ending was great and c is really happy with me for sticking it out (I didn't whine) and it all goes back to the library today! Hooray!

Prince Caspian...

Little c and I have listened to this series several times on recorded book from the library and they are wonderful. In the film, they had to add just a bit to Prince Caspian to make it a full-length feature film, but for the most it was a fantastic job.. the kiss and the lame theme song at the end weren't quite on target and the Lion made a comment that I didn't think fit.. but for the most part it was really great.
It is more intense than the first film a bit and quite violent so you have to know your child.

Monday, June 02, 2008


Bella is a story about a man who has done a terrible and thoughtless thing for which he cannot find redemption. He is haunted by a mistake that has shattered his dreams and left him broken.
In a moment of revelation, he finds a way to help another person who struggles with her own demons and in an act of selfless service begins to find a way back, a way to heal.
Bella is a visually and spiritually moving film. I just cannot recommend it highly enough.

Easy, Healthy & Cheap Eats...

I wanted to make a collection of recipes... not fancy recipes because I'm NOT a cook. These are just going to be easy non-time-consuming recipes and they have to meet 2 other criteria so I don't know if I'll be able to add one every week or not. It has to be pretty healthy and cheap because I like to spend my food budget eating out!
This is my version of Pasta Carbonara
White sauce:
1 tablespoon butter 1 tablespoon flour 1/8 tsp salt 1/8 tsp pepper 3/4 cup milk In a small saucepan melt margarine or butter. Stir in flour, salt, and pepper. Add milk all at once. cook and stir over medium heat till thickened and bubbly. Cook and stir 1 min. more. Makes 3/4 cup ..
Whatever type you like.. cook until done
Also whatever you like. I used sweet petite frozen peas and zucchini and yellow squash chopped up. I put them in a microwave-safe bowl and cook them in the microwave in 1/2 inch water for 4 minutes
Combine everything with 1/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese.
P.S. Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway below!