Friday, November 17, 2006

Thank you Mom!!!

Mom got me this today with her bogo coupon. I love it! I am going to try not to use the whole bottle by tomorrow. Thank you Mom! I feel so Christmasy now. :)


This is one of my favorites because I love the combination of the berry red and fushia colors. It took me a long time to figure out a poinsettia that made me happy. I have about 10 of these left and I think about 6 Nutcracker Love Boxes and no worries yet about the snowflakes, there are quite a few.

My new painting challenge... Next week I will be painting some handcart boxes, so if anyone wants one of those they can be personalized at no extra charge if the order is placed before I start painting. I can't put a picture yet, because I've never made one, but it is going to be a blue night time background with white snow and a few little beige weeds poking up through the snow.

Best Wishes... Tiffany

Taco Soup...

If you are feeling like a little south-of-the-border, then this is the stuff you need. If your Taco Soup, Salsa, Pico or chicken just doesn't have the right flavor and a little heat, a few drops of this stuff will set you right up. It has a much better flavor than Tabasco. This is for you Aunt Sherry and I'll post the easy salsa recipe when I can find it.

A pink tutu!!! Hello???

Alicia just e-mailed me a note. She wants to be the Sugar Plum Fairy. Me too. And, I am making my traditional visit to the Nutcracker on Sat. where I will sit in my seat and pretend. I wanted to post a beautiful picture of The Sugar Plum Fairy so that you could all say AAAAaaaahhhh..... But, hello?!?!? Maximum frustration! The Sugar Plum Fairies some people drum up are wearing yellow, mustard yellow! and blue and white and all kinds of other crazy nonsense. The Sugar Plum Fairy should always wear pink. Anyway, if you have a Sugar Plum Fairy, she should definitely wear this pink Tutu, which is $23 on Ollie Bollen.

The Love Box link is on the blitz because I am gadget challenged. Sorry.

Best Wishes... Tiffany


I love woodturnings, Craig needs a lathe for Christmas and then he could make me stuff to paint. His wildest dream come true??? How did I not know about these dolls until yesterday when they are so cute?!? Anyway, sadly I have no personal ties to Japan, but I am going to find a way to make some Kokeshi anyway.

Best Wishes... Tiffany