Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Roses and Donuts...

I'm in heaven at home. I never go on vacation in June ever. I wouldn't even consider it. Why would I leave when my roses are blooming. Why? It would be crazy! Yep, here it comes.. Tiffany's yearly rose revelry. You can just skip this post if you are gagging. I love roses!!!
I took these photos this morning. this is a picture of our yellow climber. I love it! You know it has taken awhile for all the roses to get established. It takes about 3 years for them to really start producing, but this yellow has made big strides.. every year being better than the last.
I will have to show you the peace roses and the Abraham Lincolns tomorrow or something. It's been a busy week. Dance week.. little c is high as a kite!
On another subject, have you heard the expression "Wickedness never was happiness.." Well, the other day, I was at the grocery store being profoundly tempted by chocolate cake donuts.. you know I'm trying to eat healthy.. anyway. The donuts found their wile way into the cart and even home, but when I took the white paper pastry sack out of the bag, I found to my horror and dismay that the donuts had been packed under the bananas and the celery and carrots. Yes! Under all the heavy, healthy stuff. Ironic? Well, that just made me mad and I had to eat that donut even though it was smashed flat.. And, you know what, it was still pretty awesome.. so I don't know about that saying after all. :)