Thursday, November 08, 2012

Election 2012

These are some comments that I made on November 7th. I want to keep them for posterity. You are welcome to read them or ignore them.

You know what makes me feel saddest of all... we're not special anymore. The United States is just another European socialist state. We didn't know the Constitution like we should have and therefore it can't protect us. It can't keep us free. It was our shield and we have abused and neglected it. It was a gift from God.
The great history of the world is one of tyranny and slavery, but for this one shining document that can change everything. Our Constitution was not just a blessing to Americans, but to the whole world.
We have lost so many freedoms that I don't know how we will ever regain them, I don't know how we will pass them to our children.
I feel like it was our turn to carry the torch and we dropped it.
It is presicely gratitude and a sense of duty to what is an incredible gift and resonsibility that makes me feel the way I do. It's not fear either. But, it is a deep sense of sadness and regret. Do we have it so good here because of our geography? It is our Constitution that has given us such great ease, such wonderful opportunity and relative peace and to the extent that we have been righteous, we have in times past been able to export those ideas to many other nations.
Instead of remembering what a sacred trust that is, we have copied something that is less, something that has failed many times, something that was invented by man and not inspired by God.
It's not about Mitt Romney either. Personality politics have little to do with it. It is the rejection of personal responsibility, the "Obamaphone" voter, the rejection of morality and the embrace of "free birth control" and "free abortion" over the larger and more foundational issue of religious liberty. It is the idea that we cannot be our brothers keeper, but that we should continue to shirk that responsibility to a government that has done nothing but increase dependence and poverty. It is the embrace of a party who fears mother nature more than it loves God.
God is in charge, but he will not interfere with our free agency. We have made this choice as a nation and elections have consequences. We will have to be responsible for our choices.