Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New Christmas Boxes for Boys...

I am often asked why I don't have more boxes in my shop designed for boys. Hmmm. I guess I'm kind of a girly girl and I love frills and flowers. However, I adore my nephews too and so I tried to make a simple design that I felt would be masculine enough for them (I also made some more pink frilly heart boxes because they had sold out so if you need multiples, let me know). Anyway, the tree box reads, "May the Christmas Star always lead you home..."
These boxes will be listed tomorrow in the:

Water Bottles...

One of the many things that I'm OCD about is a good water bottle. I don't like to purchase bottled water as a rule because the filtered tap water from my house tastes the best to me. But, I don't want a plastic that has any smell or harmful chemical. I had some of these water bottles, which I used for 8 years until I lost two of them.. the last one left is still in great shape and dishwasher safe. When I found this updated version of the same Rubbermaid 32 oz. water bottle at my local Albertson's I was thrilled. I love that it has a wide mouth for easy cleaning, in case I put milk or juice inside. It's dishwasher safe and the lid cleans easily. I don't like lids with straws and parts that are easily lost and not easily cleaned.
I know you're laughing, but just think how many years of happiness I may potentially get out of these bottles. Hooray!