Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bee Happy... GIVEAWAY!!!

Utaaaaahhhhns (that's how you say it for non-locals) will be celebrating the Days of '47 ... 1847 that is and Pioneer Day on July 24th. Brigham Young, second president of the Mormon Church and first territorial governor, wanted the people of Utah to always be "axiously engaged in a good cause" and busy bees. He built The Beehive House and Utah became The Beehive State. I think that for the most part we are busy bees, trying to just like this little bumble bee to make pretty gardens and all things lovely. I love Utah.
In order to celebrate Pioneer Day, I am giving away a Bee Happy Beehive Love Box... and a few other really fun Bee things... Please sign up (just once please) on this post. I will draw a name Monday Morning! Good Luck!