Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I love ribbons...

I love ribbons and I collect them in an attempt to always have the perfect ribbon for every project. I learned from Alexandra to buy ribbon by the bolt. It is much less expensive that way. I purchase many of my ribbons through this site . JkM Ribbon & Trim has all the basics and beyond. The prices are really good on some items and less impressive on others. Put your order in a good 3 weeks in advance of when you need it. Shipping is slow.

Most people don't go through ribbon like I do and can use this trick to save time and money. Find a wrap that you love on a large roll. Our local Ben Franklin is now selling large rolls of Xpedx papers for about $10. Choose a paper that is gender neutral, ie. without fire engines or ballerinas and then buy a 50-100 yard bolt of grosgrain ribbon in a solid color. This way you have created a signature wrap for the year and have all of your birthdays, weddings, etc. covered. JKM sells grosgrain ribbon on bolts 1.5 inches by 50 yards for $13.60 in every color you could dream of.

To make packages more personal, just add a personalized gift tag. This can save on last minute trips to the store and ribbons purchased 3 yards at a time, which is almost always a huge waste of money.

Best Wishes... Tiffany