Thursday, March 06, 2008

Easter Spin Tops...

Today was a pretty good day. A good day being one where nothing major goes wrong and a few things go very right. I like to get a few things done. And, I like to learn something.

I made these spin tops today and they will be in


I learned a few things.

I took a nice walk in the sun, which always makes for a happier day.

I like to go for spring walks and see that things are sending out shoots and greening and budding.

I have purple crocus in my garden.

I made a new recipe! (This is major.. I'm not a cook so you should clap at this point).

I made Marta's recipe here. It is sooooo good and such a great recipe (pretty easy). My family asked for seconds (this never happens with c). And then my mom and sister came over and they ate the rest. I was so pleased that I actually had something decent to feed them. Hooray!

Colonial Products...

I love Eucerin cream because it saved my poor face in high school and college. I used to have to slather in on because my skin is so dry that even my poor face would crack. But it's not fun to go to bed each night with greasy white mask on your face. So, I like these creams even better.
They are made by the same company in California and I buy them through Amazon. The Colonial Dames is thicker, but soaks in better although it has kind of a funny smell. The colonial naturals smells better, like primroses, but is a bit thinner and more oily.
My skin isn't perfect, but it feels much better.

The Golden Egg...

My mom always sets this little book out at Easter time. It is interesting to me to watch how the children are always drawn to it. The pages are magical in their imaginative beauty. Maybe the bunny should bring c a copy in her basket, or maybe she should just enjoy it at grandma's house.