Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The 2008 Paralympic Games...

Sunday, I was able to catch just a few minutes of the 2008 Paralympic Games. I wonder why the networks don't broadcast these games like they do the regular Olympics... these athletes have struggled every bit as much or more to get to these games and their stories are compelling and inspiring.
I found myself crying a long with a man who was telling about his battle with Lou Gehrig's disease, who was trying to live to compete in the sailing event. He told about his love of being out on the water and how he wished for more days to sail. A story was told about a girl who suffered a terrible cancer and became paralyzed, but still had the courage to swim and about her parents who made her dreams possible even in the most challenging circumstances.
There is so much pure junk on TV these days..., but for very little cost the networks could have broadcast these stories all day. It is difficult these days to understand the success of some of the programing on television. We have to look for those stories that inspire, that art that lifts and encourages, those people who speak truth. These are all hard to find, but they are there and worth the effort.