Tuesday, May 08, 2007


It seems that yellow gold is making a big comeback everywhere, but I still love silver best. During the year 1993, (the most current stat I could find with almost no effort) Mexico was the world's largest producer of silver followed by the United States and Canada. Large amounts of silver are mined in Rocky Mountains of North America and the Andes in South America. Nevada produces the most silver in the U.S.
Silver has been found in the tombs of ancient Egypt and has been used to make all kinds of ornamental items for thousands of years. It is the metal used to make more coin more than any other in history.
The artisans of Mexico have become very skilled in making silver into every imaginable piece of art and their jewelry is particularly lovely. There are beautiful things made currently and very unique vintage pieces like the swan necklace above which I found by making a favorite search on Ebay which goes... Sterling Silver +Mexico +vintage -coin ... ( I just want to see the pretty jewels). Have fun!

Bouquets & Boxes...

I know it hasn't looked like it, but I have been painting quite a few boxes recently. I have just finished 20 of the 2007 Christmas design, but they are still a big secret. I might show them to just you guys, but not yet.
I have also been painting a few of these bouquet boxes. Two of them are already spoken for, but 3 are available still if anyone would like them personalized... you have to let me know by tomorrow night. I can only personalize them after they are paid for, for obvious reasons.. but if anyone is interested in doing this... this is the deal. You get 10 words inside the lid and 8 on the bottom. So inside the lid it could say, "Mother, I love you dearly, dearly, dearly and more dearly..." and on the bottom it could say, " Happy Mother's Day! May 13, 2007 Love, Tabitha"
If you want them on time for Mother's Day... I'm not really sure about that. I can have them ready at the soonest to ship tomorrow afternoon and I can ship Priority Mail, but it's risky... if you want one for your best friends birthday in June... it's a cinch. Ofcourse we will change the quote for your friend. :) So, that's the deal. They will be $19.00 in the Etsy shop if anyone is interested and if you'd like them personalized, you have to let me know by tomorrow. :) It sure is a gorgeous day here, I'd love to be outside, but since I am sitting next to an open window... I'm practically there! Have a happy day!
(boxes are now listed and ready to go.. see them here...)

Esperanza Rising...

Esperanza Rising is the semi-autobiographical story of the author's family who came from Mexico to the United States as farm workers during the very difficult depression years of the 1930's. The book details Esperanza'a days of picking the different crops that must be harvested and taking care of her mother who becomes very ill and Esperanza's efforts to become educated and to maintain some kind of gracious life even while the family suffers extreme poverty.
The book covers political issues that face our country even today, while at the same time being a very personal story of the author's grandmother and inspiring in the way that so many immigrant stories are.
I love this book. It is a beautifully written tribute to the author's grandmother. I also think it is an important book, one that can open not just the eyes of children, but our own eyes to another world that exists here in our own country. I would recommend this book to children over the age of 8.