Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lorna Doone...

My plan has been that I have reserved the long A&E Pride and Prejudice for the big laundry/ironing days and the shorter Hollywood movie for short laundry days. This has worked out great for me because you know.. I have them both memorized so if I have to leave the room to load the washing machine, I can just recite the missing lines and not miss a moment. But since I have now seen both of those films like 5,731 times... I'm not saying that I have tired of them yet because I certainly have not. It's just that, every once in awhile I need a new period drama with pretty frocks and romance into the bargain. While nothing measures up to the previously mentioned, this is a good one as well. The heroine is smart and lovely, the hero is brave and handsome and all the villains are villainous.

The Diane Rehm Show...

Several people have mentioned Diane Rehm to me in the last few months. My sister Alicia, who knows me best sent messages like, "turn the radio on... now." She was right; the show was facsinating. Newt Gingrich was the guest of the program. I wish that I had not tuned in late because Alicia said that I missed the segment about stem cell research.

The show had its own drama to it because Mr. Gingrich had promised to stay for the full hour and at the last minute said that he would only be able to stay for forty minutes. Ms. Rehm was quite furious with him; hers is a live program. I hope that he had a really good reason for leaving her in a spot, but he did not explain.

If Mr. Gingrich wanted to know what people would say behind his back as soon as he left, tuning in, he would have heard an ear-full. His personal life is full of land mines. He, like so many of the candidates in both parties, has some serious electability problems I think (for the record, he is not yet officially running). It will be interesting to see who pulls ahead out of the pack.

I thought that Diane's questions were very thoughtful and I liked that she gave her guest the time to answer them thoughtfully. My only critisism is the same one I have for many journalists; they cannot help but spoon feed their audiences the outcome of an interview. I am far too independent and I don't enjoy being told what to think. I love when someone will simply ask the tough questions and then let me decide for myself. Still, I was very impressed with the questions that she asked and I tuned in to quite the drama. Is it on every day? If it is, I will be listening.

Did anyone see the debate last night? I would love to hear your thoughts... I know politics aren't part of polite conversation, but I don't see why it should be that way. As long as you speak politely, I will be respectful of your views be they red, blue or green. :) I still might disagree, but I will be repectful. Really.