Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Happy Hat...

I love this hat and the photograph!
Found on Etsy
See it HERE!

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches...

I have to say that I found some cool things while shopping at Costco yesterday. Foster Farms has this 10 pound bag of individually frozen (not frozen in a big lump mind you..) INDIVIDUALLY frozen chicken breasts. A lady in my neighborhood told me about these and I'm trying them out for a big neighborhood BBQ today. I like the look of them because they are fairly normal sized and don't look as though they've been pumped full of hormones. If they turn out to taste good, I think I will buy a bag for myself to just keep in the freezer. It would be so nice to just be able to grab one or two for dinner when needed. There were 27 in each of the bags I purchased.
My recipe for BBQ chicken sandwiches is simple: Kraft Honey BBQ sauce (any kind would be great..) And chicken. If you own a crock pot, you just put the frozen chicken and the BBQ sauce all in. I don't have a crock pot.. so I just use a regular oven safe pot with a lid.
I put the chicken right in frozen at 8AM with the BBQ sauce and I will cook it until about 4-5 PM @ 275 degrees. Shred with a fork. I like to cook it all at 300 for the last 1/2 hour before I serve it.. just to be safe.
Costco had some really fabulous different rolls that come from nice local bakeries. Baci rolls from Granato's and sour dough rolls from Vosen's. I thought either would be nice for my party, but the Baci rolls were kind of prettier.. so I got those.
Anyway, that's a 3 ingred. recipe. I'm not sure if it fits healthy.. because there is a lot of sugar, but if you make a salad.. it's almost a no effort meal.