Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I hope that I'm not finding out about this too late, but I think Lisa will still let me participate. Find out about One World, One Heart HERE

I am giving away this daffodil box from


Please enter just once (so my random number program gives everyone a fair chance).

Lori is the winner! Congratulations Lori!


We like cupcakes around here (cupcakes taste better than cake)... but we.. actually I sure make a mess making them. How do you get the cupcake batter in the liners without spilling it all over the counter and the pan so you have to soak the pan after to get the burnt on batter off? I also tried to make these with peanut M's in the shape of a heart, which didn't really work out.. I will just put ooooie goooie cinnamon hearts on next time or maybe just one tiny red hot.. that might be cute.