Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pink Staws... My favorite affordable luxury...

Photo by T. Christian Skobbe of Oslo, Norway
Did you know that historians credit the Egyptians with the first use of the drinking straw? Apparently, they were trying to avoid sediment in their beer. Then, in the late 1800's a man named Marvin Stone modified a paper cigarette holder in order to be able to sip right through to the end of his mint julip while he still has some ice left in his cup. I didn't realize until today that this whole thing was so inebriated. Lovely. Mr. Stone even improved on his original design, a winding strip of paper, by using sturdier paper and coating it with paraffin wax.
I, myself, adore these brightly colored plastic numbers, stone cold sober as I am and always have been, I can enjoy the bright colors without anxiety. My situation is that I crave ice, but I do not crave frozen teeth. For a dollar, I can enjoy 100 lovely ice-cold whatevers teeth-pain free. Plus, if you are being really good and trying to get your eight glasses of water in, a brightly colored straw helps it to be more of a party and less of a chore.
Tell me, what is your favorite affordable luxury?

Michael Buble...

This is coming out May 1rst!