Friday, April 22, 2011

Giving Blood...

I am squeamish about needles. You'd think after having 2 children, all my immunizations including flu shots every fall and allergy shots every week as a teen that I would be over it. I'm not, I'm a wimp.

My husband is not. He thinks it's pretty dumb not to be a blood donor. "It's so simple and you can save a life." He has faithfully donated blood about 4 times a year, but sometimes he's done it more often. He has kind of a rare blood type and so ARUP will call him personally and ask. He always runs in to the donation center in SLC. Once they called him and said that they had twins who were going in for surgery and could he come. We were on vacation. Had they not been able to find another donor, he was prepared to leave our vacation and drive a 12 hour round trip in order to help those twins. I know I'm blessed. This is just one of the million ways that C is a quiet hero.

Last night I decided it was time to stop being a wimp. There was no excuse. I had a good friend who was in a terrible accident at Christmas. It was time to step up. I hated it. They ask you all these questions that are icky to think about. For example, "Have you traded sex for drugs recently." No. I'm more of a pharmacy patron. I hated the needle. My kids were with me and when the little one saw a whole room of white coats.. she freaked out. There was screaming. It was embarrassing and little c had to take her out. It feels weird to be sitting there while your blood drains from your arm. When I got up, I felt woozy and nauseous basically until I went to sleep.

Who cares!!!

When I woke up this morning I felt wonderful!

Am I going to do it again. Yes. Am I going to hate every minute of it. Yes.

C said, "Just concentrate on the color blue.. It's very calming." He was wearing a blue shirt. I love you C.

Benefits of donating blood:

It reduces your risk of cancer.

Male blood donors are 17 times less likely to suffer a heart attack.

Donating blood helps you look and feel younger. (HERE)

Your body burns about 600-650 calories in its efforts to replace the blood you gave.

... and ....