Thursday, June 30, 2011

Princess Hanna Peg Dolls 0-4...

A favorite dress for every year. Custom Peg Dolls, Wedding Cake Toppers.. birthdays etc... are available at

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where Lilacs Bloom...

It has been quite a week. Last week I decided to start a new design blog in the middle of a few other projects and it has been a lot of work to get it up and running... so please stop over and look at all the party planning ideas.. one of my favorites of the posts today: How to make your own silent movie for either your FLapper Themed Wedding OR your Dinner and a Murder Party :)

There will also be two real weddings featured with inspiration boards to create the same feel with handmade and vintage items. Stay tuned :)
Where Lilacs Bloom...

Elder Maxwell tells it like it "REALLY" is...

I thought this talk of Elder Maxwell's was so powerful I sent it to my entire family tonight. I never do that. I would be happy to hear what you think. There article is HERE...


Being fair, I love sunscreen and this little stick is my new favorite thing. I love the scent of Waterbabies. Plus it's pink and it makes sure your nose is not!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tips for a Strawberry themed Wedding Celebration...

Two Layer Cake with a strawberry on top!

I think I've made about a dozen two-layer cakes in my life. But, I've decided they are very Granny Chic and so I'm going to make the effort to stop making "snack cake" where you pour the entire batter into a 9X13. The thing is.. it's intimidating. Even with cooking spray or flour and butter I have a hard time getting the rounds out of the pans because I like the cake to be very moist. It's a crumby mess when I get them out.
So I have to apply not one crumb coat...

... but 2! If you haven't done this before. You use one of those thin frosting spreaders .. I like THIS one... (BTW a friend gave me the large Wilton spatula as a gift.. they are the best for lifting enchiladas out of the pan w/out ruining them.. free tip for the day).

After the second crumb coat.. even a moist, crumby cake starts to look prettier ( I apologize for the horrid light in these photos).

I need a better butter cream recipe. The one I use, I won't recommend because I made it up and it's kinda soggy so the cake doesn't fluff out pretty like a Martha Stewart cake. But, still I thought it was pretty cute and the best part.. It was DELICIOUS! Everyone said so. ;)

A cake is a celebration for which there need be no reason.

My secret recipe will appear in the comments.. just for those of you who are still reading.. shhh. :)

July 4th Inspiration Board...

You've got to pop over and see this flag painting enlarged. It's simply awe inspiring!

His Excellency George Washington by Joseph J. Ellis

I wasn't a fan of this book. I don't like books that feel the need to nit pick at great men.

I intended to write a whole bit about the many reasons I dislike these types of histories, but I'm just not in the mood to be negative today, it's too pretty. So I'll just include one of the ideas that I really liked. It was that among his peers: Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin, Madison and others.. among these great men, he was considered a leader.

I haven't read another book just about Washington. But, I would recommend instead..

Washington's Crossing by David Hackett Fischer

Angel in the Whirlwind by Benson Bobrick

Friday, June 24, 2011

Where Lilacs Bloom...

I'm starting up a new wedding blog...

Come and see..

In today's posts: The Tiffany Blue inspiration board has the most beautiful vintage wedding dress... stop by Etsy and take a look. It's a stunner.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Little c's Father's Day Talk...

Happy Father's Day to all the good Dad's out there!
Sacrament Meeting Talk given by Little c
"In his talk, "Fatherhood, an Eternal Calling, Elder Perry said, "As we take a long, hard look at the world today, it is becoming increasingly evident that Satan is working overtime to enslave the souls of men. His main target is the fundamental unit of society—the family.
During the past few decades, Satan has waged a vigorous campaign to belittle and demean this basic and most important of all organizations. His success is becoming increasingly evident—the grim facts are seen, reported, and heard about daily and involve the collapse of many family units. With the decay of the family, we see the terrible effects on our society—increased crime, behavior disorders, poverty, drug abuse, and the list continues to grow and grow.
It appears to me that the cross hairs of Satan’s scope are centered on husbands and fathers. Today’s media, for example, have been relentless in their attacks—ridiculing and demeaning husbands and fathers in their God-given roles."
In the world we live in, Families desperately need the protection and leadership of a man who honors his priesthood in the home.
In my life, I have personally seen the heroic efforts of great men who honor their Priesthood. My uncle Josh is severely handicapped. There is so much that he is unable to do for himself. My grandfather loves him, respects him and cares for him with all his energy. There is nothing he won’t do to serve his "special boy". Because of his Christ-like service, Josh has the best life he can have. He has moments of great joy and he knows how much he is cherished by his Dad who has given his life to make him comfortable.
Satan does everything he can to make fatherhood out to be silly, to make those men who choose marriage and fatherhood to look like they have been trapped and are not very bright. He tries to tell men that Fathers are not needed and Fatherhood is not worth their time. But, the truth is the exact opposite. There is nothing more inspiring, more important or more heroic than a good father. Those that seek to follow the Savior, seek to have the inspiration of the holy spirit and seek to know and teach the gospel to their children fulfill the measure of their creation as sons of God. What could be greater or more noble than that?
My cousin has a beautiful little girl. When she was just one she had a strange anorexic condition and was literally starving. She gave up her bottle and would not take it. My cousin & his wife were very distressed praying and fasting for her constantly. After many trips to the Doctor and trying many different things the Doctor told my cousin and his wife that their little girl would soon have to be hospitalized and put on an IV to save her life. She was in real trouble. Then my cousin was inspired to gather his family together. He made a bottle for each member of the family and one for his little daughter. He told his family that he wanted them to all show the baby how to drink her bottle. When the baby saw her father and all her family drinking from a bottle, she decided that it would be OK for her and she began to regain her strength. I believe that Heavenly Father blessed a worthy priesthood holder with the direction to save his little girl.
In his talk, "Them That Honour Me, I Will Honour" Elder James E. Faust said, "Brethren, noble fatherhood gives us a glimpse of the divine attributes of our Father in Heaven. A father should be many things. He should magnify his priesthood and be an example of righteousness. In companionship with his wife, he should be the source of stability and strength for the whole family. He should be the protector and the provider and the champion of the members of his family. Much of his love for his children should flow from his example of love, concern, and fidelity for their mother. By his uncompromising example he should instill character into his children."
I am very grateful to have a wonderful father. He is a good provider. I live in a beautiful home and have good food to eat. He teaches me a lot of things and is always willing to take the time to answer my questions. Every evening during the school year, he helped me with my math homework and to study for my tests so that I could achieve my goals at school. He is kind to my mother and always anxious to help her. He is interested in what I am doing and encourages me in all the good things that I want to do. He helps me to work things out when I have problems. He is also lots of fun and I love him very much.
I have a testimony of the divine role of fathers. I know that men can aspire to nothing more heroic. I have a testimony of the gospel. I know that it is a plan given to us by our Father in Heaven. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fun Father's Day Gift Wrap Idea...

Draw a little collar and tie. Cut them out. Paste.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there who are someone's hero everyday!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Super Hero Wedding Post @ Green Wedding Shoes...

Please visit Green Wedding Shoes blog to see all the fun details. Oh how I wish I could have made the cake toppers for this one! OH how I wish I had been invited!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wedding Cake Toppers Peg Dolls...

Congratulations to Rodrigo & Rachel...

More custom wedding cake toppers available at...

Peg Doll Wedding Cake Toppers...

Congratulations to Christopher & Nicole...

Custom Cake Toppers available at...

ThE LoVE BoXeS SHoP...


I was tempted, but couldn't buy one of these in California. Who can lug home a suitcase full of rocks? But, in person these are so beautiful. Some California artist has used copper wire and a bunch of sea polished rocks and chunks of recycled glass to create these "things" I don't really know what they are called, but you hang them outside and they accentuate the sound of the rain. Many of you are tired of the rain, but I love it. I just pretend that I live in Ireland. :) So, I kind of wanted one of these, but didn't have anywhere to hang it so I took a picture instead.. But lovely.. right?
Also, I have a new face cream.. huge jars cheap at Costco.. does a great job of keeping the exema off my face so far...(ooh how I hate the exema!'s a constant battle).
Then, there are the new short sleeve Thomas Pink shirts for summer... They are so beautiful. I would never buy a $200 shirt.. but, I love looking at these. They are sooo pretty!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Little Timmy...

I have a lot of news good and bad. The bad news is my little nephew Timmy is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. He will have part of his colon removed. I wish that he didn't have to have it. He is so tiny and I'm asking that you remember him in your prayers.. he's been in our own every moment. He's been through a whole lot in his first little week of life and we already love him so much. Since we are major nervous wrecks anyway, I'm really proud of Alicia. She's been really tough. The good news is that we are very hopeful he will make a quick and full recovery.

The more good news is that brother Stephen was quoted in the New York Times today. (An article in Brigham Young University Law Review last year speculated that Justice Breyer, who attended Oxford, may turn to the O.E.D. “out of nostalgia for his alma mater.”) Stephen's paper for the BYU Law review... The Dictionary Is Not a Fortress: Definitional Fallacies and a Corpus Based Approach To Plain Meaning is simply brilliant. We're very proud of him.

Life is a roller coaster... sometimes I feel like you can't possibly hold on tight enough.

Bear Flag Fish Company...

Whenever I travel, I try to do some research about the best places to eat. I love the little one-off places that are out of the regular tourist beat, but beloved in a neighborhood. This place is it! If you travel to Southern California... stop here. Fresh, fresh, fresh food. Get the chips and salsa because the salsa is perfect and everything else we tried was amazing. Prices are very reasonable. Atmosphere is non-existent (kind of a dive). Can be crowded.. and may be great for take out. Good for families.. healthy children's menu.. and you'll finish what they don't eat. Fish.. perfect.
Bear Flag Fish Co. site has a menu...

And, if you walk just up the street about a block.. there's some killer desserts including chocolate bundt cake at Alta Coffee Shop.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Come with me to Roger's Garden's...

It feels like a secret garden.. California Style
Wouldn't you love to hang this just outside your window?

or have a Saint to pray over your flowers?

These little clumpy violets were so sweet.

Zinnias in a row with not one petal out of place.

Tell me you can't buy happiness? For forty dollars you could have this beautiful bougainvillea to blush at you every day... Sigh...

I love how they mix up the colors making them all more vibrant. Geraniums are huge in California.. Not these lovely geraniums, but some of the plants remind me of Dr. Seuss. I love them all though.. especially the crazy purple trees that line the streets in Long Beach.

Pink Dahlias.. bold and delicate at the same time.

I don't remember the name of this purple one.. but it's dream-like.

The Victory Garden is an idea perfect for our time too!

I don't know what type of succulents .. but they are lovely.

The past decade hybridizers have been bringing back scent in a big way. Some roses almost have a spicy scent. I wish this page was scratch-n-sniff.

The roses even grow over your head.

Of all the fun things I saw on my trip, this is the one I'm dreaming of... strawberry pots for the north fence line. Pretty and sweet.

Lobelia in four different shades.

Wouldn't it be fun to eat a 4th of July picnic on Starfish dishes?

Are these Orchid too amazing to be real? I'm not sure. There are silk flowers too, but if you don't touch them, you'll never be sure... so I don't. :)

The gardener here knows color and texture.

I so wanted to bring you this basket of blue... But, I hope you enjoyed looking at the flowers with me. They make my heart sing!