Friday, April 11, 2008

The Wedding...

I didn't get a very good photo.. so I hope the real photog did better than I did... but this is the lovely bride and handsome groom at their wedding luncheon.. which was lovely and delish!
Cake.. I hope I get to try some today..
Flowers everywhere.. They were so pretty. I loved the Sweet Peas and the Baby Hyacinth and the Hydrangea and all the big pink roses.. It smelled heavenly..
I didn't get a great shot of this either.. but you get the idea. This was the center piece for the dessert table which was really fun. I tried the Sting of the Bee Cake and was it ever fabulous. Yum!
More pretty flowers.. So this gives you an idea anyway. We had a great day and are all so happy for Alicia. She's a wonderful girl.. now married to a fabulous guy! Congratulations!