Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Joseph Smith Building & Temple Square & Gardens

Friends who have been to Temple Square can just skip this post.. been there done that. This post is for all my friends who haven't been to Temple Square and are curious. ..
This is a sacred place to me. I was married in this building in a beautiful white and green room with big windows and lots of light. Inside the room there are large mirrors on opposing walls so it's as if you can see for eternity.. Have you ever done that with a mirror? In our church we believe that family life continues after death and that we are married for time and all eternity.
I'm very happy about that because C is still my best friend and I don't want to have anything to do with an eternity that doesn't include him... (I'm his only wife, by the way and more trouble than any poor man should have to deal with but he's stuck with me now. :) Plural marriage was practiced in the early church by about 5% of the LDS population and it has not been practiced at all for over 100 years.. so please don't confuse my faith with the FLDS faith that has been so much in the news of late. While I have a lot of concern about and for the struggles that are happening within their faith. It's such a different church that I know little more about it than you.)
This is The Joseph Smith Building. It used to be The Hotel Utah, but President Gordon B. Hinckley wanted to make a building that would be a tribute to our Church's founding prophet Joseph Smith and so he had this building restored. Unlike the Temple, anyone can enter here. Inside there is a large family history center. Latter Day Saints (Mormons) like to find out about their ancestors. We like to know where we came from. And, you are welcome to go there and people will help you get started with your own genealogy if you like... It's all the rage you know Martha Stewart and Oprah are really into it these days so you don't have to be Mormon to like genealogy.
There are also a lot of pretty rooms in here where people like to have parties, musical events, business meetings & especially wedding receptions. It's the most fun place at Christmas!
The columns are about 50 feet tall, I think. Big anyway!

The gardens are lovely!
I took lots of close ups with my camera to make pretty cards.. but I wanted to show you how the whole flower beds look.

At the end of this little tour, I wish I could invite you for grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup at Lamb's down the street. It's been here a long time by Salt Lake City standards since 1918 I think. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed visiting some of my favorite places with me.. I just wanted to tell you these few things and show you some fun pictures. :)