Tuesday, December 04, 2007


If you are like me and like to get a great deal... you may have a bag full of these crazy cards that are all the rage... they drive me crazy, but I don't shop without them. They were making such a mess of my bag.. Ahhh!!!
Then, one night I find this cute thing! Hooray! All of my 31 cards fit perfectly inside. They are never lost and ready when I need them. Several times when I've taken this handy little card pocket out.. people have asked me where to find it. Danielle Bags... the cutest little Etsy shop is where.

Danielle has sent me this cute little number to try out and it's really wonderful especially if you have your own business cards to carry because then you could organize one side with your own cards and the other side with Blockbuster and everyone else. If you like this brown and blue pattern and would like to enter the drawing, a single comment in the post below will enter you. Or, go visit Danielle's Shop and you can be sure to get one there, if you hurry because I think this is one of those things that everyone needs... they just don't know it yet! :) Thanks Danielle! I will draw a name Friday morning.. :)
A Fanciful Twist is the winner!

Miss Vanessa...

Michelle, you wanted to see my lovely postcards from Miss Vanessa's shop. These are a deal! They are printed so prettily ... even the back is beautiful! Check out Miss Vanessa's Etsy Shop here where you can find very lovely holiday things.


I made these blocks at homemaking night. I think maybe I will tie some bows around them or one or two and add some jingle bells. I love Santa. Little c's new thing is to go around asking everyone if they believe in Santa or not... you know our mantra around here is... "those who do not believe, do not recieve." I'm sure I believe. :)

Raising a Reader...

I started reading to c when she was 6 months old in hopes that one day she would be a reader, a real reader. I also have followed my friend Michelle's advice (she's a real reader) and had c listen to lots of books on tape, which I really believe is a great tool for every kind of reader, but really great for beginners.
Yesterday, when I could not get her to stop reading her book, "It's so good mom!" "Mom! It's not a good place to stop right here." "Mom, 10 more minutes!" Three and a half hours later..."I'm finished!" Yesterday, my little c finished a 537 page book. This morning when I went to get her tired little self up, I asked if she wasn't overly tired and maybe should have saved a few chapters for this afternoon (violent head shaking). She regrets nothing. I think maybe she's a real reader.