Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Visible Storage...

I have to decorate my home out of Pottery Barn Kids and Teen because they have my colors throughout the year, not just in the spring. Aren't these great? Cds, dvds, mags... the possibilities are endless... See them here.

Mom, this Marimekko bag would be cute?

Very cute, and very red! :)

Beth's Market Bags...

Beth has darling new bags... see them here.

My Nutcracker and My Nutcracker Poem...

Our Nutcracker's fixed with a perilous gaze
He's grumpy, he's worred, he's stressed
you could say

He's shopping & wrapping & baking & spending
& running & raving & driving & grazing...

Too much!!!

He wants each of his friends to know that he cares
So he comes and he goes and he stands and he stares
At this one and that one and that one and this one
The blue one, the pink on, the red one, the right one

And he goes back and forth on this maddening track
until he drives himself nuts and he cracks

But don't you be like that...

Christmas is JOY it is Happiness & Love
IT is Peace that alights in the heart like a dove


Your commotion is good it sends grace and a tear
Just to think there is someone who cares around here.

Know that your motions means a lots to a many
Your trinckets and troubles go far. They do. Really!
They remind us of one who was born without cradle
Long ago, far away in a poor little stable.

So think of poor Nutcracker, but
Don't be like him
Ring bells, sing and shout!

Good Tidings and Cheer
are what Christmas' about!

copyright 2005