Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Love and Pink Bunnies...

There is a pink bunny in:
now... whew.. I'm still not finished with the baby bunnies.. but I'm getting close.. maybe tomorrow.
When you get to know me better.. you know that I love a little sarcasm.. Can't help it. I was raised in a family that all had secret dreams of a starring role on the McLaughlin Group
and being witty and funny with a bit of a bite.. has been a quality to be admired.
I am trying to get away from that a bit and not to be cutting.. but I still find stuff like this hilarious!
When asked, "Do you think all any of us really want, deep down, is to be loved?"
Garrison Keillor responded:
"No, we want to be rich, to be admired, to eat like a horse and be skinny as a snake. To have small children ask for our autographs, to be on terrific medications that make us calm and witty and sexy. To sing Irving Berlin and Gershwin and Porter at the Oak Room and be described in the Times as 'luminous.' But in the absence of all that, it's enough to be loved."
That nails it right? Who doesn't want to be luminous?

500 Cupcakes...

I got this fun book from my friend Jenneece for Christmas. It's so fun to look through! The other day I found a recipe that I am going to make soon.. maybe tonight if I can find the basil pesto.
Step one... Make any cornbread muffin.
Step 2... Make some frosting by combining 1/2 C basil pesto
& 1 1/2 C cream cheese softened
Step 3... Top with a cherry tomato
Very fun!
... and after that.. there are 499 more to try...