Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Best Face Forward...

Isn't it interesting how people are... especially women.. I know I do this anyway. We go around comparing our worst selves to everyone else's Sunday best. I heard Marie Osmond say something to this affect the other day on Good Morning Utah. It's so true I think. We compare our messy house to our neighbor's gorgeous garden and our slobby sweatsuit to our friends perfectly pressed ensemble.
We all want to be better. Well, there are a few jerks around who think they are perfect and wish everyone else would just be like them.. but, I think most people are in the other category. I look around at my neighbors and friends and think. I wish my house was as clean as Laurie's and I was as fit and lovely as Alecia. I wish I had Kim's musical talents and Laura's organizing skills. I wish I could befriend people like Lisa and be as gifted a mother as Kate. These are real folks, the ones I watch and see everyday... amazing people.
I don't know how to stop judging oneself completely.. but I have been thinking that maybe we should stop thinking of ourselves as individuals in that way, but think more of the one or two gifts that we add to the group. Maybe we aren't meant to be perfect one at a time... maybe we only achieve perfection in this life when you add us all up together.

Eucerin with SPF 30...

I like this stuff. But, I defer to Janice on face creams with SPF.. What do you like Janice. :)