Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Spitfire Grill...

How did I miss this little masterpiece when it first came out in 1996. Written and directed by Lee David Zlotoff, who was also the creator of the TV series MacGyver and screenwriter for the series Hill Street Blues, the script is a masterpiece and does not follow the common way. It is it's own unique piece throughout. Alison Elliot, Ellen Burstyn & Marcia Gay Harden are all brilliant.
Alison Elliot plays a young woman who has just finished serving her term in prison for manslaughter. She is a poetic and intelligent girl whose never been given a chance. She dreams of going to a small town and getting a fresh start. Gilead is a town with troubles and they don't like having a stranger among them.
Audiences raved about this movie at the Sundance Film Festival and then critics and general audiences didn't give it such glowing reviews. But, I think it's a gem. Have you seen it? What did you think?

Michelle's Valentine Dolls...

Michelle has some more cute Valentine dolls going in her shop today. Don't miss them.. they are sooo cute.