Tuesday, January 01, 2008

This Year I Will...

I'm a person who likes to make goals and I do that all the time, but this year I'm planning to make some resolutions as well. And, I'm reading this book, (I'm about 30 pages in and it's really great so far), to help me make some plans that will help me achieve the things I want to. I also want to continue some goals we made last summer in our family that have been going well, but you know how things can slip if you're not careful.

I was listening to the TV while doing some housework the other day and they were interviewing people about their resolutions and I thought some of them were pretty great and thought about how fun it would be to do their resolutions in my own way. One guy said that he would like to perform an act of kindness everyday. I don't think that he meant holding a door for someone and that sort of thing, I think he meant something really intentional and thought out. That would be really fun I think.

Some of the goals I have are just not as fun to contemplate... like losing 15 pounds for my sister's wedding. I don't want to hate the photos for the rest of my life. Talking kinder to myself and others would cause a lot less stress in my life. I hate saying the wrong thing. And, I hate how I always say lately, "fer" and "yeah" instead of, "for" and "yes". I want to be the kind of person who accomplishes more and worries less. I need to find a way to put those things and a few others into concrete goals that can be measured for progress.. (see I'm being optimistic already). Still, I'm contemplating these goals because they are the things that are making me the most unhappy. I'm actually a pretty happy person, but I think it makes sense to get rid of the things that make you the most unhappy first.

It's a bright shining new day in a bright and hopeful new year. My Christmas Paperwhites are soaking up the brilliant sunshine in the window this morning and almost anything seems possible.

Happy New Year!!!

We rung in the new year like this. Well, we meaning little c. We, C and I stood by in a sleep-deprived, Grinch-like fashion and wished we were home in our bed. We actually made it until midnight, which never has happens. We had Chinese food, delicious, and watched the ball drop in Times Square, very anticlimatic. Shouldn't someone sing The Star Spangled Banner or Auld Lang Syne or something?? ... the ball drops and we sit there and watch two guys talking baseball... I didn't need to stay up to see that! Do I sound down on the New Year? I'm not.
This is going to be a great year! I'm going to get a nap sometime today and then it's going to be great! I have lots of plans for this year and I just can't wait to get started.
What did you do to celebrate?