Wednesday, February 06, 2008

7 things I love & a visit from my Dinosaur...

Natasha has tagged me to list 7 things I love... I can't break all the many things I love down to 7 things, so I will tell you seven things I loved about yesterday.
1. shades of green & thinking of daffodils
2. the bright and sparkling day that always comes after a storm has blown through
3. the piles of snow that look like a million bazillion diamonds
4. a good story with a happy ending
5. hugs and kisses
6. making a new friend
7. a nice visit from our dinosaur friend

I tag (only if you want to)... Shelese, Amy, Allison, Liz and anyone else who wants to play! :)

The Redneck Cookbook...

I was going to write this post and propose the idea of my one day composing a Redneck Cookbook, but what do you know ... it's been done!
The Redneck Cookbook: 165 Mighty Fine Fixin's and Other Things to Get Down Your Gullet..
has already been published. Oh well. You still get my recipe for tuna fish. I love a good tuna sandwich. I'm sorry these pictures look like the nasty food in Napolean Dynamite... I only had flouresant lighting in the kitchen by the dinner hour yesterday.. although we are happily gaining daylight every day.

So, I start with 2 cans of good albacore tuna, good mayo (I like Helleman's), two stalks of celery finely chopped, 1 stalk of green onion, very heaping tablespoons of sweet and dill relish.. or more, some tomatoe slices and a dash of pepper and sea salt.

What is your favorite ingredient? Or do you loathe tuna? Or do you love it on rye... yum!