Thursday, March 20, 2008

And.. One more cute on Etsy...

Postcards are one of my favorite things. I adore them. Who doesn't like to get a postcard. I have wanted to have one made for about 2 years. Finally, finally I was able to find a printer who could make what I wanted. So, here they are!
They are in
already in packs of 5 and 10...
Whew.... :)
Circe is the winner!!!

More Fun Etsy Things...

The Rosehip Shop opened to fanfare yesterday. Congratulations to Beata who makes these lovely dolls! This one is mine. If you hurry over.. there are a few left.

Also, Jordan is back in business this morning. The Flood Street Shop has that wonderful red twine and big, big red balloons.

These are few of my favorite things!!

I have been looking for cute pot holders...

Why didn't I check Etsy first?

I purchased these yesterday from this Etsy shop. There were so many cute sets, I had a difficult time choosing.