Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The reason I haven't been around lately...

This was our Relief Society birthday dinner. I almost hate to show the photos because they don't take very well in the gym. The thing about gyms is they are mostly brown with fluorescent lighting and they swallow color right up. But, I think if you were actually there, it felt bright and Springy.
We did give the ladies a nice meal. These little white plates were just for chips and salsa when they first came in.
The long table at the end was so that each of the ladies could bring one thing from home that represented something about themselves. It was fun to see all the things people brought.
We had nine tables and about 63 ladies came, which was really fun because it isn't a good party unless all the friends are there. We had some pretty background music, but we didn't do anything but eat and visit which was so fun.
We had a nice dinner. We had those Chicken Enchiladas (the ones I always mention). You're laughing. I can hear it! It is pathetic that I only know about 5 recipes and that's the best one I have so that's why we used it. Then we had instead of a salad, a big pile of fresh veggies on each plate with broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas and celery. And just so you don't think we were going healthy on that... we had Lone Star Steak House Ranch Dressing, which is the best.
It takes so many people to put something like this together. I got counting up how many people had helped last night and I got to about 25 but there may be more. I have lots of notes to write today, which is just fine because I am feeling quite thankful.