Friday, February 09, 2007

Hats off to the Turnipseed Family... and a Pen Name Contest

A couple of days ago Emily had a fun contest on her blog to see who could come up with the most fun name. As she put it, the contest was completely subjective and the winner was simply her favorite. However, there were over 400 entries and I enjoyed reading through quite a few of them. My entry was Rhiannon Nullig, which is an Irish name.

I love Irish names. Rhiannon means little king and Nullig is the Irish word for Noel, so I meant it to be... The Little King of Christmas. Lovely.

Some people want to give their children really unusual and interesting names,like the one above. However, I always think that you should consider the fact that your child may grow up and want to be a Supreme Court Justice and so they should be named appropriately.

However, having anything that is really fun about your name is pretty great. I have a some friends named White and they live in a white house. That is kind of fun. I have some friends named Valentine and some friends named Hartley, now that would be super handy about now. If that were me, I would leave my Valentine decorations up all year! My dad once had a secretary named Holly and when she married, she married a guy named Jolley. If I were her, I would have Holly bushes all around my house and I would use Christmas dishes with holly on them and serve egg nog at every party I hosted.

I love fun names. I always think of what kind of books people should write when they have a great name. I know a great guy named Sam Winchester. He should definitely grow up to write Westerns. I knew a guy in college named Austin Gray and I thought he should write romantic novels about wind swept moors and distraught women who pine for Heathcliff, but that guy went into elder care or something noble like that instead, which is all fine and good, but couldn't he have written novels on the side?

Anyway, I cannot help myself. I have to copy Emily a little. My contest will go through Teusday and it will be completely subjective, just like Emily's. I will simply pick my favorite name. The winner will be the person who thinks up the most fun pen name and posts it in the comments below. I will buy the name from the winner for the price of a Valentines package from Hand Painted Love Boxes... I am expecting quite a few less than 400 entries, so family members are eligible. Have fun! :)

The Reception...

It was a beautiful day yesterday. My neice had a lovely wedding and a beautiful reception. It looked like a garden under the stars.