Monday, April 21, 2008


You may have recognized this from the montage above (montage = artistic composite of juxtaposed more or less heterogeneous elements... and I think heterogeneous means related or my banner may not be a montage... which would stink.. but either way good words right?) Anyway, I can never get a good photo of it, but I love this paperweight! I inherited it from my adopted grandmother Lydia when she passed away (I'm the one in the photo with my eyes closed.. reason 1 why I'm the photog and not the photographed at family parties!)
Anyway, I loved her. She spoiled kids. This is me, my brother and sister and the girl in front is one of her actual grandchildren I believe.. which is probably why she looks so happy! Lydia had really long silver hair that she wore in a crown like this.. she was Danish. She traveled the world and saw very interesting places and things. She had a great library. She loved Shakespeare. She was a wonderful cook and her house smelled like heaven all the time. When I was little my favorite thing she made me though was peach or orange jello with tons of fruit especially mandarin oranges and little tiny rolled up balls of cream cheese. I still love that! She collected Christmas plates (me too).
Anyway, I have a collection of glass paperweights, but this one was the first. Don't you think it's magical?


Can you believe that I got this picture from Ha! If someone gave me this scale as a present.. I would be pretty hurt I think, but there is no accounting for taste. I suppose someone could have a friend named Bob who is in great shape and proud of it and likes to get on a scale every morning and say to himself, "Bob you're in great shape! Look at those numbers! What a guy!!!"
Anywho, things have been more that crazy around here since about Christmas and I have found myself eating more and more sugar. Since I already have sugar for breakfast, lunch and dinner (with a sugar-free diet coke of course) that's a lot of sugar!
So I intend to reform. (Does anyone want to reform with me?) I wrote this diet.. (but you could do your own program).
1. Eat 5 servings of fruit/veggies per day
2. Get 30 minutes of exercise per day
3. Eat only 1 treat per day
4. Eat regular portions and no seconds
5. Eat nothing after 8 P.M.
So that's my diet. The whole thing. I was going to join WW, but I never really do that because I'm not good at points or counting calories or anything like that. I wanted to make it simple. I know this diet isn't good enough to turn me into Nicole Kidman, but I think that I would be a lot healthier. My plan is to get a little notebook and check these things off everyday. Should be simple.. we'll see. Who wants to try this with me? It's a one week challenge.. we'll meet back here on Monday.. if we feel truly happier/better/more successful then we'll keep on, but if we're miserable/hate it/and overly tired and grouchy we'll just quit... it's a one week challenge. We could try it for a week right?

Reflections of Christ...

My Friend Shawna sent me this and it's very beautiful. You must see it!

There was a 'Reflections of Christ' photography exhibit recently on display at the Mesa Temple Visitors Center in conjunction with the Easter Pageant produced by the LDS Church. The photographer was given permission to photograph Pageant cast members for the exhibit. The photographer worked with a few other individuals to put together a 5 minute slide show which includes every image from the exhibit set to the hymn 'Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.'
Rescue of the Lost Lamb by Minerva Teichert